Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why does it always rain on me?

You know, I really love the rain ... it's my favourite weather!! But why is it that whenever I have heaps of stuff in my hands, or have parked miles away from where I need to go, that it starts to rain just as I need to leave the building? And why is it that no matter how long I wait for the rain to settle down a bit, it will continue unabated until I get inside the car, then it will stop?? It's a mystery.

Tayla had her first "big girl" gymnastics lesson at YMCA today - she totally loved it! They didn't stop working the whole time, unlike the kindygum class which consisted of lots of lining up to get on the equipment. The other great thing about it was that there is an advanced class on at the same time, so Tayla has decided that next week she'd like to learn how to walk on her hands. And, she wanted me to teach her ... rofl. I don't think so!

I'm scrapping, scrapping, scrapping my little heart out at the moment! I've got 2 lo's almost done for the HUGE comp at LittleScrapbookShop - if you haven't checked it out yet, make sure you do, it's awesome!

Do you want to get some scrapping done this weekend? How about the opportunity to win some AWESOME prizes? Scraptherapy is having their cybercrop this weekend ... it's going to be great, make sure you check it out. Challenges will be posted on friday night, but there are hints in the forum already, so check it out. Nat has done an awesome job on her site - her logo is just to die for, I love it!
Ok, I'm off to do something - take care, everyone!!

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Tara said...

Tayla is just too cute.