Sunday, April 20, 2008


Check this out regularly.
Especially Tiny Art 35. "I am bulletproof because I have to be".
And Tiny Art 31. I'm going to try to embrace my wobbly bits (metaphorically speaking of course).
Thanks Alison Shearer for sharing the link to this blog - love the art, it's just so inspiring!

So ... an intellectual rant. I hate 1984. Sorry, Aldous Huxley, you've utterly failed to grab me. And the rantings of your army of zealots, proclaiming your genius and wisdom, and insisting that it is a work of genius, have failed to sway me. I'm supposed to teach this to a class? Heaven help me. I seriously need to reconsider my options. What I REALLY need is a time machine to return me to a point in the not too distant past when the Board of Studies was meeting to set the new NSW HSC Text Prescriptions, and stop them from adding Brave New World into the Extension course ... then I'd be free to teach it this year to my year 11 class. What do you think my chances are of that happening before school goes back in 8 days time ... slim?? Ah well ... it's either 1984 or Animal Farm. Or, if anyone has any brilliant ideas of a novel to teach in a comparative unit with AI (Speilberg film) or in fact, with any film in a comparative unit, I'd be only too pleased to hear about it. I'm desperate!! I can't convince myself that the interminably boring passages of Winston reading "The Book" are worth ploughing through - how do I even attempt to convince a group of cynical smart 16 and 17 year olds that they should? Oh, the pain! Oh, the drama!

K, I'm going to bed now to dream of an agonizing and painful world ... of Big Brother and lack of freedom, and being 8 days away from excruciating drudgery. Oh wait, that's not a dream - that's going back to work and having to teach 1984. Can you believe Big Brother is about to come back on, by the way? The first housemate was revealed during dance tonight ... ugggh is all I have to say about that. Ugggh.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What a month

Well, holidays are almost halfway over - it's not fair! I haven't had a chance to do even 10% of the things that I wanted to catch up on, either at home, or the massive pile of work I have to do before school goes back. Arrgggh!

So, a quick catch up - I got to demo for Matisse at the Royal Easter Show at Homebush last month, with the totally gorgeous and amazingly talented Lisa Pate. She even came for a sleepover - and was SOOOO patient after being driven all over the countryside while I ran around after my son, who is apparently incapable of knowing that he needs to take his cadets boots on a cadets camp - go figure! Love ya Lisa, it was so much fun. (And yes - I was only that cool calm and collected because you were in the car - if I was by myself I would have been swearing and cursing about it!)

Kelsey turned 8 on Monday - and seriously, who knew that 8 was so much more grown up and mature than 7? It's just wrong! She seems to be so much taller than she was a few weeks ago. She has a school camp coming up in a couple of months, and she'll be away for 3 days - all these things are combining to make me feel very sad that my little girl is not so little any more. She's not too big for cuddles with mummy, though. Happy birthday sweetypie, I love you heaps! She got so spoilt - new DS games, new clothes, and her special present - her membership to the Swarovski Crystal Society was renewed, so that for the next 3 years she'll get special members' only pieces of crystal, as well as special mail. This is something my mum got both girls on their 5th birthday, and it lasts for 3 years, so every third year she does the renewal for them, and they just love it.

We have a new Stampin' Up! Idea Book and Catalogue, and it's sooooo nice!! I also earned a free stamp set from a promo that was running in February, and that arrived on Monday - I just LOVE it, it's soooo me! A whole heap of definition stamps - one for every letter of the alphabet. It's an expensive set, but well worth it - I know I'm going to use it heaps! If you are interested in a hard copy of the new Idea Book and Catalogue, email me or leave a comment - they are normally $12.95 PLUS postage, but as a special offer for special people (that's you!) I'll mail it free for you. So what's so special about the new catty? Textured cardstock. Beautiful new papers. Gorgeous ribbons. Stamps, stamps, and more stamps! New In-Color inks and cardstocks. Beautiful new papers. (Can you tell I love the new papers?) It's way too nice for words! You can check out the online catty through the links on the side of the blog.