Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why does it always rain on me?

You know, I really love the rain ... it's my favourite weather!! But why is it that whenever I have heaps of stuff in my hands, or have parked miles away from where I need to go, that it starts to rain just as I need to leave the building? And why is it that no matter how long I wait for the rain to settle down a bit, it will continue unabated until I get inside the car, then it will stop?? It's a mystery.

Tayla had her first "big girl" gymnastics lesson at YMCA today - she totally loved it! They didn't stop working the whole time, unlike the kindygum class which consisted of lots of lining up to get on the equipment. The other great thing about it was that there is an advanced class on at the same time, so Tayla has decided that next week she'd like to learn how to walk on her hands. And, she wanted me to teach her ... rofl. I don't think so!

I'm scrapping, scrapping, scrapping my little heart out at the moment! I've got 2 lo's almost done for the HUGE comp at LittleScrapbookShop - if you haven't checked it out yet, make sure you do, it's awesome!

Do you want to get some scrapping done this weekend? How about the opportunity to win some AWESOME prizes? Scraptherapy is having their cybercrop this weekend ... it's going to be great, make sure you check it out. Challenges will be posted on friday night, but there are hints in the forum already, so check it out. Nat has done an awesome job on her site - her logo is just to die for, I love it!
Ok, I'm off to do something - take care, everyone!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tell me why I don't like mondays.

I forgot for a while there I was singing to you all with my post headings. So here we go - can't you just imagine how amazing I sound singing along while I'm typing?? lol

So what has everyone been up to this weekend? We had our last game of softball yesterday, and it was lots of fun - right up until the game got cancelled due to rain, lightning and thunder. I was a bit disappointed, as it was a fun game - got our butts royally kicked, but the other team were really great to play, and we did pretty well to restrict the score to what it was, so that was good. We had our night out last night - drove to Emu Plains, through torrential rain and car-shaking thunder, to discover that the Hotel we were planning on eating at was flooded, with no electricity. A quick change of venue, and we ended up at the Henry Lawson Club at Werrington. Great food, awesome service, and a really fun Karaoke set up (I didn't sing, but I was about the only one in our group ... go the Bon Jovi head banging!!) What an awesome night! I never thought I would hear myself say this, but I can't wait until next season starts. Most of our team is staying together - only 2 people are leaving, we think, so it's going to be a great season, and our coach is staying too - I think he's planning on whipping us into shape, and not letting us get away with our slackness at training of this year, so I'm kind of looking forward to that.
The up side of softball finishing is, no more early saturday mornings, as we rush to get the kids down to the fields in time for their games ... woo hoo! I can sleep in - at least till soccer starts.

Tayla has decided that she wants to play soccer this year - and that decision was solidified when she found out that her "boyfriend" Joshie is playing too. So we have been on the hunt for tiny soccer boots. After being told by a number of rude salespeople that I would never find any soccer boots in that small a size, as there was no demand for them (HELLO!! isn't the fact that I'm after a pair of them an indication that there is?? Boooooo Rebel Sports at Penrith for their rude customer service staff by the way!!) we found a pair at KMart - and the kicker is (ROFL) that they are Diadora brand ... cover up the first 3 letters, and they are DORA soccer boots!! She's so excited, it's adorable. So here are her new wardrobe additions - she's in heaven. She sat down watching SBS soccer coverage this afternoon, and was taking note of all the things she wants to learn when training starts - I didn't have the heart to tell her that she probably won't be learning an overhead goal kick in under 5's.

K, that's it for me for today ... I'm off to do a bit more shopping for LSBS's big competition! It's so hard to pick which products to use, Cath has put together an amazing selection of stuff for us to choose from! Make sure you check it out, if you haven't already - so far, there are about 50 people registered to have a go at it, so it's going to be pretty awesome. Tomorrow is back to work - I hope this rain keeps up, because we desperately need it, but at the same time I'm glad that I've got a fairly light teaching load this week - rain tends to send teenagers a little nutty!! lol Take care everyone, hope you all have a great monday!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Staying alive, staying alive!!

What a couple of days! Full on at work, full on at home, and to top it all off I'm starting to feel the effects of the February hay fever strike. Sore throat, itchy eyes - fun fun fun! So a trip to the chemist was in order today while I waited for Kelsey to finish dancing the afternoon away at her school disco. It's amazing what a few years at school will do - for her kindergarten disco, she wanted to know when I'd be picking her up, and what songs they'd play, and what she should do if ... I had to walk her in, and it took a while to prise her arms from my leg. Today, I barely got a kiss as she bolted for the door to find her friends!!

Well, a little bit of news - it's not really new news for some people, but it was pointed out to me that I hadn't mentioned it on my blog (sorry AT!) so here I am! I'm officially a Stampin' Up! demostrator. I'm planning on trying to fit some demo's around my busy life - so if you are interested in booking one, or you want to place an order for some of the amazing SU products, feel free to contact me!! I'm about to add the links to the online catalogues to my links on the side bar - take a look, you'll love them! (Warning ... SU! stuff can be addictive ... LOL)
One more SU! thing - the SellABrations promotion that Stampin' Up! has been running is drawing to an end, so if you are interested in getting a FREE set of stamps, all you need to do is place an order for $100, and you'll get to choose your free set from those in the SellABrations brochure ... You'll have to hurry, though, because it ends on monday night! So if you are interested in placing an order, and getting a set of free limited edition stamps, let me know ... you get a free set for every $100 you spend, it's a great deal!

Ok, that's my sales pitch for the night ... lol. Now on to some exciting news ... I think! Tayla has been going to gymnastics since the middle of last year - kindygym at the YMCA, where they teach them balance, coordination, tumbles, etc. Well, she just LOVES it, and is really good. The problem has been this year that since she can't start school till next year, she is back in the same kindygym class as last year, and is bored out of her brain. Well, yesterday Dennis talked to one of her instructors, and she agreed that Tay needs to be a bit more challenged - so she's going up to a higher grade, where she can learn to do cartwheels and more advanced skills. She's so excited - and so am I, but someone on LSBS mentioned last year that she loved gymnastics, and was informed of the costs, both financial and time, that gymnastics can consume when you have a talented child who gets right into it ... maybe I'm not so excited! Ah well, I'm sure I can take on a second job if it comes to that ... lol.

Ok, that's it from me tonight - I'm off to take some antihistamine, and hope that I can speak tomorrow. I can feel myself losing my voice, but I'd hate to not go in when it's an easy day (well, easy compared to the other days anyway ... I have a couple of free periods where I get to catch up on the mountains of paperwork that always seem to be waiting for me!) Take care everyone, have a great thursday!

Monday, February 19, 2007

My big hairy scary encounter!!

Oh my God - never before has getting a coffee been such a stressful event! I had to leave a little early from work today to get Tayla, as Dennis had a Dr's appointment, but there was a bit of time to kill until we had to pick the kids up from school, so Tay and I went shopping. After a lovely little spending spree at KMart, we headed back to the car, and while heading out of the car park Tay announced that she needed a drink. Thankfully, there is a relatively new Starbucks store, which has drive-thru ... perfect!! So through we go, ordering our drinks and heading to the pick up window. I go to hand the lady my money, and she squeals "aahhhh, a spider!" I look up, and there on the window frame of my door, is a big, huge, hairy hunstman spider - I'm talking massive, and less than 10 cm away from my head. Tayla started freaking out, mummy wasn't far behind her, and the girl serving us went hunting for a broom to sweep it away - hello! What happens if it starts running towards me? I couldn't wind the window up, as it was halfway inside the car, and I didn't want it to be trapped inside with me. A manager came to my rescue with a large plastic cup to trap it in ... if you've ever had a large frappe from Starbucks, you'll know the size of the cup, and this spider totally filled it from top to bottom, with no room to move around at all. It was a good half hour afterwards before I felt calm again ... it was interesting driving away after that, let me tell you.

I TOTALLY blame this on Nic, as we spent a bit of time talking about spiders at her place on Saturday night ... all the time I was cm's away from this thing, I was remembering what she told me, and was wishing I had some hairspray - I tell you, this thing had lots of hair! I'm still a little jittery thinking about it actually.

So that was my excitement for the day - I think I'm still coasting a bit on the adrenaline of it all, as our backroom has gone from looking like a total trash heap to looking like ... well, like a back room! I was just contemplating when I got home how many spiders there might be living in amongst all that mess - luckily for them, there were none, as I had my extra strength gel spray ready to go, just in case!!

Oh, some happy exciting news ... I won a prize for a lo I did for a surprise comp at Scrap Therapy! Happy happy joy joy ... LOL. Thanks Nat!! Ok, I'm off to bed - hopefully to dream of things with 2 legs, not 8. And definitely not with little pincers that open and close while you sit there staring horrified at them. Or beady little black eyes. :Shudder:
Thanks for dropping by - if you've got a scary encounter story, please leave a comment! Or even if you don't, you can leave one too - just to say hi, so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself. Luv ya!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blogging along, blogging along ...

Yes I know, it's not a real song, but it's close enough ... LOL. This isn't a real post - it's a figment of your imagination! I've just taken the plunge and changed my template over - the drop and drag editing thing is pretty cool, but now for some reason my elements in my sidebar are WAY too far apart, and the flashy blinky thing at the top, advertising the LSBS Competition, isn't flashing or blinking the way I wanted it to. And I still can't figure out how to do a cool pretty looking header for my blog - Cath has given my blog envy!! So really, this is a test post, to make sure that I haven't completely stuffed this up. Have a great friday tomorrow, everyone!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love a rainy night ...

I'm thinking about doing posts with song lyrics as titles, what do you think?? lol Yep, it's late, I'm bored, and I've been coming up with lots of bizarre ideas, so just humour me.

So an update, I hear you exclaim! What's been happening in my life? Lots, thanks for asking!! Some not so great, and I don't really want to go into that right now ... but I do want to say this. I freaked out a little last week at how long my MSN contact list was getting with scrapping people I'd met online, particularly when you compared it with "real" people (those ones who I had seen in person before I knew what an avatar was). But when the chips are down (what a stupid saying!!) and times are tough, my online friends are the ones who have been flooding me with support, and for that I am truly grateful. It's made me realise how lucky I am to have met so many of you through forums, and scrapping sites, and I value each and every one of you. Big hugs!!! (I need some emoticons on here, Cath!) Just as an aside ... before I edited that last sentence, it said big jugs ... I'm just going to leave that out there, for you to ponder on.

HOW AWESOME has the rain been? I was totally loving it, and am a bit disappointed that it didn't pour any more today. We had our swimming carnival at work today, and could have almost held it in the quad, the puddles were so big after the past couple of days. Fingers crossed that it does some good - God knows we need even more!

Some good news - I have a classroom! YAY ME! It's amazing what a bit of diplomatic discussions will achieve, so tomorrow is D-Day - decorating! I'm taking all my accumulated posters and resources in to get my room organised. Very exciting (well, for me anyway ... smile and nod, all you non-teacher people who don't get the thrill of a permanent classroom, and move on to the next paragraph, ok?)

I think I've got a couple of new lo's to share - do you want to see? If not, you probably should have stopped at the last paragraph - which totally sucks for those of you who aren't teachers, now, doesn't it? The question is, then, if you aren't a teacher or a scrapper, what on earth are you reading this for? There isn't much else in my life ... lol.

These are just a few random lo's from the past couple of weeks - some done for a cybercrop at Scrap Therapy (LOVE the site, Nat, you are doing an awesome job girl!!) and some more just for fun.

Ok, off to bed for me - have a great rest of the week, everyone, and give your kids a HUGE hug. Life is too short to let stress about stupid little things get in the way of what's special, and those moments where you can hug them and make them hug you back, even though they may be rolling their eyes as they do it, are all too fleeting. Take care, and Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go.

Well, how did everyone enjoy the first day back to school, hmm? For me, it wasn't such a happy occassion - it marked the end of my blissful scrapping holiday, and the return to the every day activity of planning lessons, programming, dealing with all the politics that comes with working in a school, and of course teaching. There's a huge dilemma about my classroom ... or rather lack of one! But I'm not going to get into that here - too depressing!!

Over the last week of the school holidays, I scrapped up a storm, baby! Lots and lots of lo's, including some monthly and DT challenges from Little Scrapbook Shop, and lots of lo's just for fun. I might just save some time - almost EVERYTHING I scrapped on the weekend used My Mind's Eye Bohemia papers and embellishments ... I'm so in love with them, I can't even tell you!

Here are as many of the lo's that blogger will let me upload today ... please be good little blogger!

Ok, so it's letting me show you 5 - I'll upload some more later on.

So, the really exciting news ... Kieran started highschool, and after the initial misgivings (he was almost sick with nerves the day before) he LOVES it! He is really in his element - he's totally loving maths, and his History teacher is a little blown away by his level of knowledge I think. So all is good on that front ... I think I'm over the "I'm not ready for my son to be going to high school" phase. It's kind of good teaching a year 7 class actually, as I can live vicariously through them, and have some kind of an insight into what my son is experiencing.

Ok, I'm off to get some work done - take care, everyone, and give your kids a big HUGE hug ... they grow up way too quickly!!