Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some more layouts to share!

Not much news this week - busy busy busy, counting down till school holidays. Plus I've been scrapping up a storm this week - and it's only Tuesday! I did a layout last night that I'm LOVING, but it still needs a little something, so I'll upload that when I decide that it's finished. So, I thought I'd share a few more of my layouts from the LBOBM comp. Are you ready??

This is my FAVOURITE layout at the moment - I keep looking at it, and just smiling so much. I love the picture, I love the overall look, I'm super-proud of the journalling - love it, love it, love it! Daisy Bucket papers, and American Crafts embellishments, in case you were wondering. Tayla was so excited to give Kelsey her flowers after the ballet concert last year ... why do I think it's a good idea to cut out patterns from pp? I don't know, but every time I do I say that's it - the last time! Hmmm. This one is all American Crafts.

I totally hated these papers when I first saw them, but I'm really happy with the layout, so that's good! The garden feel is just perfect for these pics. Cactus Pink papers and ribbon, and American Crafts chipboard and rubons (again - can you tell I like them?)
Hmmm ... this one I'm still not sure about, but Tay loves it, so that's ok ... Doodlebug papers, frills, flowers and buttons. I stamped onto the chipboard letters with a Stamping Up! stamp, and outlined random flowers with a darker pen. Flourishes with the Crafters Workshop templates - LOVE those.

Ok, big apologies for all those non-scrappers out there who have had to sit through another layout share ... how cute are my kids though?? lol K, take care of yourselves. THREE MORE SLEEPS!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some competition layouts

I mentioned that the LBOBM comp at Little Scrapbookshop is over ... well, here are some of the layouts I LOVE that I completed as part of the competition!

Camping Out In the dining room ... this layout uses Fancy Pants papers, chipboard and rubons - the pics are a bit blurry, and you can see a perfect example of why I DON'T like having my photo taken, but this was SOOOO much fun!

Last Day of Primary School, using Rebecca Erickson papers and chipboard. I really like the muted blues in this one!
Birthday girl - Tayla's 4th birthday, using Daisy Bucket papers (these are so nice!)
Yet another double - yes, I did a lot of them! Kelsey's birthday party layout, using Kelly Panacci papers and stickers.
And finally, a single layout - the person at the photo lab apologised for the main photo, saying "I just don't know what happened with the cropping on this one!" lol Only a scrapper would take a photo of feet! This was for the Reminisce range.

K, well that's all blogger will let me upload, so now for some news .. My son was offered a place in the Gifted and Talented program at his school, after some extensive testing - woo hoo! He's so excited, they get some awesome opportunities as part of this.

I have some super-exciting family news ... but I can't share just yet! You'll just have to keep an eye out (and no, I'm NOT pregnant ... lol) K, I'm going to scrap - I'll share some more layouts soon, because there are another 10 or so to go from the comp, and I've been doing heaps of others lately too!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Long time no blog!!

Wow, how did that month get away so quickly? Just a quick update of what I've been up to ...
Work has been super hectic- it's reports time, so all those teachers out there know what I'm talking about! Massive piles of exams, reports to write and proof read, and to top it all off, I'm the year 6 into 7 coordinator, so had to organise some lessons for a couple of local primary schools to come up to ... madness!! It all worked out well, eventually, but I was so over it by Wednesday night.

The Little Book of Big Memories is over at Little Scrapbook Shop, and the winners have been announced ... congrats to all the winners! Tash was the overall winner, and there were heaps of individual category winners, but my fave was Shelee ... way to go, sweety!! I was not one of them (boo hoo, sob sob!!) but I'm not really upset - I've got another 17 layouts finished to add to my albums, and I love almost all of them! I've kind of accepted that I'm not the kind of scrapper who wins prizes or gets published - people who do the more "arty", fussy, embellished kinds of layouts get that privilege. But I'm ok with that - I love what I do, and the most important aspect of my scrapping for me is that I am taking some time to capture special memories of our lives so that we can relive and remember them in the future. As much as I would love to see some of my work in print, I'm not stressing about it ... magazines are obviously looking for something else, and that's cool!

It's been a long weekend here in NSW ... woo hoo! I've been sick for most of it though ... boo hoo. I was feeling much better yesterday morning though, and headed off to Scrapabout Australia for an awesome class with the wonderful Alison Shearer. Thanks for the inspiration, Alison ... if you want to see some of what we worked on, you can check out her blog (and whilst she may have meant "paint" not "pain", she tried her best to inflict some bodily harm to me with her new staple gun - I almost had a brand new piercing!!) Today, we took the kids to see Shrek the Third ... not as good as the previous 2 movies, but a good way to spend a monday afternoon all the same.

Cybercropping at LSBS this weekend ... I've only managed to do one layout, but the girls have both done one each too, and I'm so proud of them - they both did their own handwritten journalling! So here is what we got up to this weekend - I'll share some LBOBM layouts next time I post (which hopefully will be sooner than next month!)

The first one is Kelseys, the second Tayla's, and the last one mine.

K, that's it from me ... take care everyone, see you all soon!