Monday, March 24, 2008

A few Public holiday Monday reads

I just wanted to share a few links - mainly so I can come back and find them again later! This is what has been helping me procrastinate today.

In Praise of the Elephant Girls ... yep, that's me in a nutshell, so much so that I had to take a few minutes to ponder the all-round significance of it. Still kind of in shock actually.
Post Secret I revist this every so often, and there never fails to be a secret which speaks to my soul. Love it.
Journal Revolution - it's a top read, but I was totally sold by the "2008- the year of wanting to do less" pic ... OMG! So in my head. lol

K, off to do less now!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A bit of Stampin' Up! News, and a bit of a layout share!

Hi all,

well the time is drawing near for a new SU catty ... and omg, it's just divine. A few teething problems, but it doesn't make me love it any less! If you are interested in having one mailed out to you, for $12 including postage, with a special voucher included, email me at! Otherwise, keep an eye out on April 1 for the link to the beautiful new Idea Book And Catalogue, so you can drool over all the new stuff ... very very pretty!

If you are in mourning for anything that is retiring, get in quick to place an order! As a special offer until the end of this month ONLY, I'm giving a 15% discount on all SU orders - but they need to get to me ASAP, and payment must be received before March 31st so I can put the orders through in time! Contact me if you aren't sure if the products you are interested in are retiring. Don't forget, the links to both the Idea Book And Catalogue, and the Summer Mini catalogue, are in the sidebar of my blog, and the Summer Mini is ending too - a lot from there hasn't made it into our new catty, so don't miss out!

Ok, so that's the advertising section of the post over and done with. Man, it's been busy around here! The girls had their easter hat/crazy hair parade on Thursday, and we had so much fun getting them organised. Tayla's hat has a whole heap of chickens around the outside, all doing different activities - there is even a chicken named after her kindy teacher! Kelsey's hair is plaited with a wire coat hanger through it, so it sticks WAY up in the air - a little hard to tell in the angle of this photo, but it was way cool. I've just noticed this is a belly button shot - that's all for you, Helen, cause I just know how much you love them! ROFL
I've been so busy with work, that it's been such a relief to have 4 days off to catch up on some scrapping, and just spend some time with family and friends. LOVING it!! Tayla was funny this morning - she woke up sulking because the Easter Bunny brought chocolate (which she doesn't really like) and was only appeased when she discovered she had new Dora pj's as well. Thank goodness for a last minute dash to Target.
My Mother in law is staying here with us this weekend, and the kids are loving it - and my grandparents are staying at my mum's house, so the kids are getting spoilt rotten this weekend! On top of that, we have the beautiful new addition to the family, Bella-Rai, just being too adorable for words ... I could so eat her up, with her cute chubby cheeks! All in all, it's been a pretty awesome easter weekend, and we still have another day to go before we have to go back to work - TOPS!!

So here is some of the scrapping - these first two were done using Sassafras Lass gorgeous papers. Sassafras Lass is the Manufacturer of the Month at ScrapTherapy, so pop on over and check out the wonderful stuff Nat has in stock, and share you Sassafras Lass creations with us!
This last one is a layout I did of my ?"$#@!!#$ 13 year old son (can you tell what kind of day I'm having with him?) This was for the Survivor comp at Chookscraps - I'm really happy with it. Still need to fill in some of those spots on the crossword though, but maybe not today ... who knows what it would end up saying?? LOL
K, I guess I should go and be hospitable ... enjoy the rest of your long weekend, everyone, and give the people you love must a big warm squishy hug, either in person, or by email. It's about time you told them how much they mean to you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Raindrops keep falling on my head

You know what I love about rain? The more you get, the more chance you have of seeing a rainbow. Today, I'm thanking God for all the rainbows in my life - they make the rain bearable!

So what have we been up to? The usual ... working, working, working, running around after the kids, working a bit more. We have a new car - well, new to us, and hopefully a decent enough P.O.S. that it'll hold together until we are a bit more financially back on our feet, and can buy something more new new!

The girls BOTH came home with special awards from school today - their school picks one person per class each week to receive a special award for living up to the rule of the week, nd both Kelsey and Tayla came rushing out of class this afternoon holding a big gold award. Too cool!

Kieran got to meet some of the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance today, on an excursion into the city ... that's not what the excursion was for, it was just a cool side-event. He got some autographs, but no photos, so here's hoping we can get some copies of the ones that his friends took.

Anything else? Hmmm ... not really! I'm so looking forward to the long weekend next weekend. I really need a break! I've been scrapping a bit, and getting ready to scrap a bit more. I did this layout recently for ChookScraps Survivor - I had been kicked off the island, but I'm back this week as an intruder!! woo hoo! I've no doubt I'll be back on Castaway Island soon, but it's a bit of fun.

If you're interested in some cool savings, Nat has a 40% OFF sale over at Scrap Therapy - way too tempting for words, really! I'm only telling you now because I stocked up on some of my fave 2scoops papers, so I don't need to race you there - lol.
Oh yes, one more exciting thing!! This saturday, I'm playing in our softball grand final! We've had such a disrupted season, with heaps of games being called off due to rain. The past couple of games have been so much fun, and we've played heaps better than we had before, so we're going in to Saturday's game ready for some fun, and not expecting anything else.
K, that's it for me - off to get ready for work tomorrow, and to try and get an early night ... I'm so sick of not sleeping properly, I'm hoping that sheer exhaustion will put me over the edge tonight!

Take care, and I wish you all lots of rainbows in your life!