Tuesday, January 22, 2008


School holidays have less than one week to go ... which means that I only have one more week before I'm back at work! Have I accomplished everything I had planned for these holidays? Absolutely not. Have I had a great time? You bet your nelly I have! (yeah, I know ... I don't know where that came from either. Nelly? I don't think I even have one to bet!)

So New Year's Resolutions? Didn't make any. I have made some life decisions though, and the big one is to NOT have any expectations of my holidays! lol I've also decided to become more of a Pollyanna this year. Last year was our "annus horribilus", and it really got me down, and this year actually started with some pretty potentially awful news as well, but you know what? This year, I'm not going to let it get me down. This year, when life hands me difficult situations, I'm going to take the opportunities that they present me with, and run with them. This year, I'm going to focus on all the amazing gifts I have in my life and rejoice in them.

So that's what we did when Dennis lost his job! The company closed his store, and offered him a position at Port Kembla. Are you serious? We see him little enough as it is! So, rather than get depressed over the lack of job, we took this as an awesome oportunity for Dennis to find a much better job, that has better hours, is closer to home, and will provide him with more job satisfaction. He's been in contact with a few places, and there is a potential job that is sounding totally perfect for us, so if you're the praying type, pray away!!

I've also been focussing on me a lot more ... I've been saying for ages I wanted my hair cut, and my hair has been really annoying me (it was very very long, very very thick, and very very split!) So, one day while we were at Colo, I drove home to go with my sis to her dr's appt, and booked in for a hair cut. I'm totally loving myself sick at the moment! It's just below my shoulders, really layered, and I can't stop playing with it - two weeks later, I'm still in love with it! I've also scrapped myself a lot since we got home, which I NEVER do, and in fact I've been scrapping up a bit of a storm. Wanna see? (if you don't, why are you reading this, hmmm? You know I always share something if I can!! lol)

This one was inspired by the totally awesome Lusi's new blog ... she has this song playing, and it's kind of her theme, so check it out! This was for a CC challenge at Chooks.

This one was for a CC challenge at LSBS - and I won! Woo hoo! How could I not, though, with such a totally hot-looking picture??
This uses the new MME Out and about paper, and a sketch from Little Book Of Sketches ... there are some new sketches up at the moment, so if you need some inspiration, check it out! The more I look at this, the more I think it needs a few more flowers, but I'll see how I go ... I'll probably add some though!

This one was for a colour challenge at ScrapTherapy, who are having a month-long CC to celebrate their birthday ... thanks for having us Relsi!

And this card was for Therapy too ... cute, huh? This is using the SU Pretty Princess set, which is too cute for words ... and if you are interested, I'm having a special till the end of the month, with 20% off all SU products you purchase through me! Leave me a comment, or email me if you are interested.

OK ... I've been meaning to do this for a while! Last year sometime, I received a totally gorgeous charm bracelet from Michelle, as part of a Pay-it-forward RAK. SO now it's my turn! I haven't decided what my RAK is going to be, but anyone who leaves a comment here between now and the end of the month will go into the draw, and I'll do a PIF RAK to three lucky people! So just leave a comment to tell me how totally stunning I'm looking right now (or just to say hi, if you must!!) and I'll pop your name in the draw.

Ok, off to enjoy another blissful day of holidays ... take care!!