Thursday, June 25, 2009

To get Mandy off my back ...

it's time for an update. It's going to be a quick one!

What's been going on lately?

  • P!nk concert ... omg. omg. O M G. It was amazing. Awesome. Loved it loved it loved it!!

  • Work. Busy .... total understatement!! Parent teacher interviews. Subject information session, which was awesome, but full on. Reports, which had to be completely redone ... argggh. Oh yes, and I've been teaching sometimes too ... what a novel idea!

  • Sad news. We're getting our heads around it, but those of you who know what's going on will know the depth of my sorrow right now.
  • Kids stuff ... Kieran has cadets stuff left right and centre, Kelsey has Karate grading coming up soon, and Tayla has her state trial gymnastic competition in a couple of weeks, so has been having extra classes, and loving them to bits.
  • Scrapping ... I've been doing not a huge amount, but really enjoying the freedom of it! The journal-it challenges are great, and no pressure at all. I've been doing an Idol comp at Chook Scraps which is fun.

Is that better Mandy? In your honour, you lovable nag, here's a layout ... from the last round of Idol, and looking decidedly shabby. Speaking of which - check out my new pic in the sidebar over there, which you can click on to go straight to the new Let's Get Shabby blog, which has it's first fab challenge up!! (You can click on the pic, as always, if you want to read the journalling.)

K, I'm off to bed .... have fun people!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Loving a lazy long weekend!

Sigh ... bliss. Friday night scrapping with the totally awesome Nic. Saturday catching up with my sis and mum for a d&m, then home for housework duty (I'm pretending to be a mature and responsible adult .... LOL) Saturday night, a couple of friends came over for dinner - Dennis knows Bruce through work, and I've met him a few times, but his wife only once before. It was really lovely to catch up with them, and share a great meal and a few nice drinks (I have a new fave sparkly wine!!) Today, we slept in. I'm still in my pj's. The kids are playing Wii. I'm wasting time on facebook. I'm scrapping tonight, and planning the same kind of day for tomorrow as I have had today. Totally awesome!!

It hasn't been all great - my SIL Shelley is in hospital, with an enlarged liver. She's not been well for a week or so, since her chemo and radiation treatments ended, so we're glad she's getting some help now .... fingers crossed.

Oh, some super-exciting news!!! The beautiful Mandy and and wonderful Julie, along with some over super-awesome scrappers, have set up a new challenge blog. It's Let's Get Shabby, and I so can't wait until the first challenge is posted. Check it out!! I'm also loving the new Kiddilit challenge blog that's been going for a few months now ... planning on scrapping a layout for the Wild Thing challenge tonight!

K, here are a couple of layouts I've done recently ...

I can't believe he's 15 next month. SOOOO in denial here. It's just wrong.

My final challenge for ScrapTherapy - each of the DT members picked a challenge element that we thought best fit our style, then created a sample layout encompassing all of these elements. This was mine - and I'm really happy with it!!

This one is for Round 7 of the Idol comp at Chook Scraps ... the challenge was to do a layout using black, white and touches of one other colour, masking and dimension. My new Tim Holtz clock mask and glimmermist arrived the day before this challenge was due, so I had fun playing with them ... I think this layout needs something else, but I'm not quite sure what, so I'm leaving it for the moment. I've been scrapping so many pics of myself since I had my hair cut!

What a tom-boy ... she is so girly, but so rough and tumble at the same time!! Love this paper range, I wish I had more of it left.

And finally, this fortnight's layout for Journal-It!! - the theme is to scrap an affirmation. Pop on over and check it out if you haven't seen it yet - no pressure, no prizes, just some great inspiration to create some layouts with journalling that is meaningful for you!
K, off to play more facebook games... thanks for stopping by!!