Monday, March 26, 2007

Funny faces

Ok, here is my layout for the UL comp at Scrap Therapy - I really love this one, some gorgeous paper, and the cutest pics of my girls mucking around, practising their air-guitar skills! I hand cut the title out of one sheet of pp, and the flowers were cut from another - I've given up saying that I'm not going to handcut stuff anymore, because let's face it, I'm a bit addicted, and everyone knows I'll be doing it again! lol

That's it for today - no amazing news, just a lo share. Oh, yeah - have you checked out the big comp at Little Scrapbook Shop yet? What are you waiting for??? Cath has just told us she's got some new stuff in - you know you want to look!! lol

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Going, going, GONE!!

And we have a winner ... they're all packed up, and on their way to a new home. I could probably get rid of this much again, and still not notice the difference in my stash - so keep your eyes peeled, there could be another pack on its way.

So do you feel like you need to scrap something?? It's Urban Lily month at Scrap Therapy ... the monthly kit is one of my fave UL ranges, and there is a great competition running with an awesome prize of UL papers!! Check it out ... you have until the end of the month to upload your Urban Lily layout to the gallery! I've been doing that this afternoon, and I've scrapped a lo of some goofy pics of the girls ... I can't wait to get a pic of it in decent light tomorrow. I'll upload it for you then!

Take care people ... Love Tamara

Paper for sale, part 2

Ok, here is the final pack - it's an assorted mix of paper, including 3Bugs, Pebbles Inc, Fancy Pants, KandCO, Comstock Collection, Wild Asparagus, and others. 21 sheets of paper, a 2Bugs tag sheet with 3 tags missing, and a 12x12 creative imaginations overlar (it's the black and gold one - it's clear, but has a sheet of white paper behind it so you can see it better). $10.

Don't forget to check out the post below for the other packs!

Do you need paper??? ROFL

Ok, I'm clearing out some pp ... there is no WAY I need as much as I have! So here they are:

Chatterbox pack - there is a pack of paper patches, which retail for about $6 I think, plus 28 sheets from a number of ranges. $15

Basic Grey pack - these are older ranges, like Sweet Pea Jack and Alyssa, Motifica, Aged and Confused, Lollipop Shop, Acid Washed, and Black Tie. There are 20 full sheets, a 2/3 sheet in case you want to use it, plus a sheet of tags from the aged and confused range with one tag missing. $10

Black and white 8x8 pages. There are 25 assorted sheets of pp, most of them doubles - some gorgeous papers that I have WAY too many off! $5

Melissa Frances and KISS assorted pack - there are 18 sheets of Melissa Frances pp, and another 9 sheets of Designs Galore and KISS photograph range papers. The red range are christmas ones, and are just gorgeous - I love these Melissa Frances pp's! $10

Girly assortment - there are 2 Rasberry paper packs in this lot, with 4 sheets of pp each, and matching alpha stickers, plus a variety of other ranges, including AED, Scrapbooking Australia, and Karen Foster. There are 3 sheets of AED My Cuts, which do have a couple of tags or letters missing, and the purple letter paper has a couple of letters cut out of it. 20 sheets of pp altogether, and I'm throwing in some assorted blossoms with this lot. $10

There is one more assortment, but I can only upload 5 images per post, so I'll create another post above this one. If you are interested in any of these, let me know either by email or by leaving a comment here ... I've got them all packed up ready to go. Postage will be extra, but as an added bonus if you want 3 or more of these packs, I'll post them for free for you.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Quick Ad Break ...

Ok people, this will be quick - what do Channel 10 say? A 60 second ad break ... well, that all depends on how quickly you can read! lol

Friday night, I'm having a Total Learning demo ... it's basically a great range of educational books and CD-ROM's, some really awesome stuff! And let's face it, you can never have enough kids books (although my husband would vehemently disagree with this comment!!) If you are in my area, and you want to come along, email me and I'll give you the details. Or, if you can't make it, you can check out the online catalogue, and let me know if you want to place an order ...

While I'm advertising, don't forget - there isn't long until the new Stamping Up! Catalogue arrives, which means that there's not long to go until the Retiring items leave us forever! Here are the links if you are interested in checking out what is retiring ... email me if you want to place an order, but remember, anything on the Retirements list is only available while stocks last, or until March 31st, so don't leave it too late! (Note to self - ORDER SOME WATERCOLOUR CRAYONS!!)
Stamping Up! 2006-2007 Idea Book and Catalogue
Stamping Up! Retirement List

I hope that wasn't too long a break - I'll now return you to your scheduled progamming.

Take care everyone!

Monday, March 19, 2007

2 posts in one day ... what is the world coming to???

Ok, here are the pics I promised!!
This link will take you (hopefully!) to my Fancy Pants layout for the Little Scrapbook Shop Little Book of Big Memories comp - the girls and I camped out in the loungeroom, it was lots of fun!
And this next one is for my Cactus Pink lo - when I started working on this one, I really didn't like the paper, but I'm so happy with how this lo has turned out!!
Take a look at the other great lo's in the competition gallery so far - if you haven't registered yet, there is heaps of time, check out the posts in the forum for more details!

And then, finally, the soccer star - how cute is she?? lol

Ok, I'm off again - suffering with a sinus related headache and earache tonight, so I'm having a day of tomorrow to recover. Take care all!
Well hi there! I've been slack, I know, so I thought that in my few minutes of freedom from the tryranny of work today, I'd give you all a quick update as to what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks!

Firstly, Tayla had her first soccer game on Saturday - what a little legend! They had a trial game, and played so well - I can't wait till Saturday again, when the season starts, it was just the cutest thing!! lol I don't have pics here, but when I get home tonight I'll upload some, I promise - I can't wait to scrap them!

Scrapping, scrapping, scrapping - I've been on a roll with my Little Book of Big Memories comp lo's for Little Scrapbook Shop. I'll add some pics later, but you can check them out in the Competition gallery at ... I can't wait to get some time this week to work on some more of them, I'll loving almost all the products that we are getting to use for this!

Speaking of loving products ... I got my big prize from Scrap Therapy! How much fun was it to go shopping, and not have to worry about paying for it - thanks Nat!! I got some awesome doublesided cardstock - doublemates, it's called, check it out if you haven't seen it yet! Some Urban Lily, blades for my trimmer, chipboard and plastic alphas, rubons ... can't remember what else, but it was all so nice! Oh, some Daisy Bucket - LOVE that stuff!!

So that's it for me today - I'd better go and type up this assignment for my year 10 students (they are going to love it!! lol). I'll post some pics of all the excitement tonight ... take care everyone!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The winner takes it all ...

Woo hoo - this is just a quick brag post!! Natalie at Scrap Therapy have been having a competition to win a $100 gift voucher for the store ... you had to chat, and let's face it, that's something I'm good at! She announced the winner on Saturday night, during the cybercrop (which was great, by the way), and I guess you've worked out all by yourself now that I won ... woo hoo!!I can't wait to get shopping - Nat has some great stuff in store, and a great sale on Urban Lily this month, so check it out!

In other news - omg, I'm a scrapping legend this week!! I've been working on some of my lo's for the Little Book of Big Memories at Little Scrapbook Shop, and I'm loving every one of them so far - I'm even being a bit daring for me, and scrapping something other than my kids. Of the 12 lo's that we have to do, 3 of them are going to be on me - shock horror! I'm doing a lo about when I got by purple belt, one on my tattoo, and one on the experience of being a full time public school teacher for the first time. That last one is scary, and I'm not really sure how I'm going to tackle it, so we'll see what happens!

Ok, bloggers, I'm off to bed ... take care everyone, cya all another day!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

And now, the end is near ...

Gee it was hard finding a song title for this post! lol

This is just a quick one - it's getting close to the time when we have to farewell some stamp sets from the Stampin' UP! 2006-2007 Idea Book and Catalogue, as well as from the mini catalogue. You can check out the retirements here .... there are a lot of them! If you are interested in purchasing any of these before they disappear forever, let me know - I'm offering a 10% discount of the total order cost for anyone who orders 2 or more items from the retirement list. You only have until March 31st to order any of the retirements, so don't delay ... sorry, I'm all out of steak knives, so you'll just have to miss out on those this time! lol

Ok, I'm off to do some work - I just had to check out the retirement list this morning, though, so I thought I'd share it with you. Email me if you have any questions!

Have a great day!