Monday, February 19, 2007

My big hairy scary encounter!!

Oh my God - never before has getting a coffee been such a stressful event! I had to leave a little early from work today to get Tayla, as Dennis had a Dr's appointment, but there was a bit of time to kill until we had to pick the kids up from school, so Tay and I went shopping. After a lovely little spending spree at KMart, we headed back to the car, and while heading out of the car park Tay announced that she needed a drink. Thankfully, there is a relatively new Starbucks store, which has drive-thru ... perfect!! So through we go, ordering our drinks and heading to the pick up window. I go to hand the lady my money, and she squeals "aahhhh, a spider!" I look up, and there on the window frame of my door, is a big, huge, hairy hunstman spider - I'm talking massive, and less than 10 cm away from my head. Tayla started freaking out, mummy wasn't far behind her, and the girl serving us went hunting for a broom to sweep it away - hello! What happens if it starts running towards me? I couldn't wind the window up, as it was halfway inside the car, and I didn't want it to be trapped inside with me. A manager came to my rescue with a large plastic cup to trap it in ... if you've ever had a large frappe from Starbucks, you'll know the size of the cup, and this spider totally filled it from top to bottom, with no room to move around at all. It was a good half hour afterwards before I felt calm again ... it was interesting driving away after that, let me tell you.

I TOTALLY blame this on Nic, as we spent a bit of time talking about spiders at her place on Saturday night ... all the time I was cm's away from this thing, I was remembering what she told me, and was wishing I had some hairspray - I tell you, this thing had lots of hair! I'm still a little jittery thinking about it actually.

So that was my excitement for the day - I think I'm still coasting a bit on the adrenaline of it all, as our backroom has gone from looking like a total trash heap to looking like ... well, like a back room! I was just contemplating when I got home how many spiders there might be living in amongst all that mess - luckily for them, there were none, as I had my extra strength gel spray ready to go, just in case!!

Oh, some happy exciting news ... I won a prize for a lo I did for a surprise comp at Scrap Therapy! Happy happy joy joy ... LOL. Thanks Nat!! Ok, I'm off to bed - hopefully to dream of things with 2 legs, not 8. And definitely not with little pincers that open and close while you sit there staring horrified at them. Or beady little black eyes. :Shudder:
Thanks for dropping by - if you've got a scary encounter story, please leave a comment! Or even if you don't, you can leave one too - just to say hi, so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself. Luv ya!!


helenj said...

Gosh PT that is like totally awful!
makes me go all itchy and shivery
make sure you have a can of something in your car for future episodes
eewww im really feelin it girl!!!!!

congrats on the win luvie thats really cool!

Missty said...

That sounds scary. I've had a nasty experience like that back when I was at school. I was sitting in the library studying when I felt something on my head, I brushed my hand over my head to see what it was and then felt something on my arm, when I looked there was a GIANT (at least to me) spider. I was totally freaked out and started flapping my arm about, luckily that flicked it off, I quickly gathered my stuff got away from there and NEVER sat anywhere near that part of the library again.

Ms Zane said...

OMG - PT if you are scared of spiders that would have been an icky experience.. Me on the other hand am miserable at present cos my BIG HUGE huntsman (about 10-15cm big) that lives in my scraproom behind my bookshelf has dissapeared!! :( I blame it on Mark who - unlike me - does NOT like spiders!!!! :)

I hope you are feeling much safer noW!!

Ms Zane said...

PS - I was soocaught up by spiders I forgot to say CONGRATS on winning!!

Carol said...

I'm with Zane, I love huntsmans! Whitetails on the other hand... much smaller, but anything remotely like them I kill on sight - sorry to any innocent spiders lost along the way.

I should locate the photo my sister sent of a spider they found by the school pond. They suddenly had an explaination of what happened to the first goldfish when they found the second one with this great honking spider hanging off it (fangs still attached). She said it would have been as big as our Dad's hand... after a bit of net searching we determined it was a Giant Water Spider.

Tracey said...

You are such a wussy PT - I'm with Zane and Lavs - huntsmen are good. I hope you find yours soon Zane - we have been known to feed ours around here LOL!

Oh and small white tail looking ones - GONE (we kill them) and redbacks (get lots of them)

DeanneSM said...

Gees Tracey, wish I'd know that little fact about the hand-fed spiders BEFORE I went to your place. Now I will be forever on the lookout while I'm sitting there stamping!!!!

PT - you have my wholehearted sympathies - my spider phobia started when I was about 3 - I was climbing over our front gate and felt a huge hairy thing crawling up my leg. I was terrified - I just stayed there until it had climbed up and onto my head then back down the other side and off. I was trying to call my mum who, of course couldn't hear me - being partially deaf and (I later found out) out the back of our huge block hanging out washing. I have been terrified of tarantulas (as they are known in NZ) ever since.

However, if there is a big hairy encounter at my house, who do you think has to dispose of/remove it??? Yep, me! Also goes for rats (yes, we've had them) cockroaches and any other icky things. DH just doesn't have the heart for it LOL.

Congrats on your win too PT - I will be off to check that out too.

Tara said...

Yucko... and congrats on the win!

Steph said...

Congrats on your comp win! Gotta say PT, you're braver than I am. I woulda wound up the window, gotten out of the car and shut the door until somebody brought me some insect spray!!!