Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Staying alive, staying alive!!

What a couple of days! Full on at work, full on at home, and to top it all off I'm starting to feel the effects of the February hay fever strike. Sore throat, itchy eyes - fun fun fun! So a trip to the chemist was in order today while I waited for Kelsey to finish dancing the afternoon away at her school disco. It's amazing what a few years at school will do - for her kindergarten disco, she wanted to know when I'd be picking her up, and what songs they'd play, and what she should do if ... I had to walk her in, and it took a while to prise her arms from my leg. Today, I barely got a kiss as she bolted for the door to find her friends!!

Well, a little bit of news - it's not really new news for some people, but it was pointed out to me that I hadn't mentioned it on my blog (sorry AT!) so here I am! I'm officially a Stampin' Up! demostrator. I'm planning on trying to fit some demo's around my busy life - so if you are interested in booking one, or you want to place an order for some of the amazing SU products, feel free to contact me!! I'm about to add the links to the online catalogues to my links on the side bar - take a look, you'll love them! (Warning ... SU! stuff can be addictive ... LOL)
One more SU! thing - the SellABrations promotion that Stampin' Up! has been running is drawing to an end, so if you are interested in getting a FREE set of stamps, all you need to do is place an order for $100, and you'll get to choose your free set from those in the SellABrations brochure ... You'll have to hurry, though, because it ends on monday night! So if you are interested in placing an order, and getting a set of free limited edition stamps, let me know ... you get a free set for every $100 you spend, it's a great deal!

Ok, that's my sales pitch for the night ... lol. Now on to some exciting news ... I think! Tayla has been going to gymnastics since the middle of last year - kindygym at the YMCA, where they teach them balance, coordination, tumbles, etc. Well, she just LOVES it, and is really good. The problem has been this year that since she can't start school till next year, she is back in the same kindygym class as last year, and is bored out of her brain. Well, yesterday Dennis talked to one of her instructors, and she agreed that Tay needs to be a bit more challenged - so she's going up to a higher grade, where she can learn to do cartwheels and more advanced skills. She's so excited - and so am I, but someone on LSBS mentioned last year that she loved gymnastics, and was informed of the costs, both financial and time, that gymnastics can consume when you have a talented child who gets right into it ... maybe I'm not so excited! Ah well, I'm sure I can take on a second job if it comes to that ... lol.

Ok, that's it from me tonight - I'm off to take some antihistamine, and hope that I can speak tomorrow. I can feel myself losing my voice, but I'd hate to not go in when it's an easy day (well, easy compared to the other days anyway ... I have a couple of free periods where I get to catch up on the mountains of paperwork that always seem to be waiting for me!) Take care everyone, have a great thursday!


Lisa Pate said...

Hey missy,

just spreading some warm and fuzzies around my friends blogs! **shouting** I love ya! LOL

Natalie said...

Oh off to look at the Stampin Up stuff now....Congrats on that PT

DeanneSM said...

Don't you love me PT? My blog's not in your list :-(

Love reading your blog.

Tara said...

Hope you're feeling better for the weekend.

Narelle said...

Good Luck with the future Gymnmast!!!!