Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tell me why I don't like mondays.

I forgot for a while there I was singing to you all with my post headings. So here we go - can't you just imagine how amazing I sound singing along while I'm typing?? lol

So what has everyone been up to this weekend? We had our last game of softball yesterday, and it was lots of fun - right up until the game got cancelled due to rain, lightning and thunder. I was a bit disappointed, as it was a fun game - got our butts royally kicked, but the other team were really great to play, and we did pretty well to restrict the score to what it was, so that was good. We had our night out last night - drove to Emu Plains, through torrential rain and car-shaking thunder, to discover that the Hotel we were planning on eating at was flooded, with no electricity. A quick change of venue, and we ended up at the Henry Lawson Club at Werrington. Great food, awesome service, and a really fun Karaoke set up (I didn't sing, but I was about the only one in our group ... go the Bon Jovi head banging!!) What an awesome night! I never thought I would hear myself say this, but I can't wait until next season starts. Most of our team is staying together - only 2 people are leaving, we think, so it's going to be a great season, and our coach is staying too - I think he's planning on whipping us into shape, and not letting us get away with our slackness at training of this year, so I'm kind of looking forward to that.
The up side of softball finishing is, no more early saturday mornings, as we rush to get the kids down to the fields in time for their games ... woo hoo! I can sleep in - at least till soccer starts.

Tayla has decided that she wants to play soccer this year - and that decision was solidified when she found out that her "boyfriend" Joshie is playing too. So we have been on the hunt for tiny soccer boots. After being told by a number of rude salespeople that I would never find any soccer boots in that small a size, as there was no demand for them (HELLO!! isn't the fact that I'm after a pair of them an indication that there is?? Boooooo Rebel Sports at Penrith for their rude customer service staff by the way!!) we found a pair at KMart - and the kicker is (ROFL) that they are Diadora brand ... cover up the first 3 letters, and they are DORA soccer boots!! She's so excited, it's adorable. So here are her new wardrobe additions - she's in heaven. She sat down watching SBS soccer coverage this afternoon, and was taking note of all the things she wants to learn when training starts - I didn't have the heart to tell her that she probably won't be learning an overhead goal kick in under 5's.

K, that's it for me for today ... I'm off to do a bit more shopping for LSBS's big competition! It's so hard to pick which products to use, Cath has put together an amazing selection of stuff for us to choose from! Make sure you check it out, if you haven't already - so far, there are about 50 people registered to have a go at it, so it's going to be pretty awesome. Tomorrow is back to work - I hope this rain keeps up, because we desperately need it, but at the same time I'm glad that I've got a fairly light teaching load this week - rain tends to send teenagers a little nutty!! lol Take care everyone, hope you all have a great monday!


DeanneSM said...

I like Mondays, cos I teach GROWN UPS lol! Enjoy those sleep ins while you can!! Lets to GJ's again soon!

helenj said...

hey chickie glad you had a good old night out
are you sure you didnt get into the singing just a bit ?
thought you may have got a few pointers from the penrith

Tracey said...

Go the soccer season LOL.... never actually had a problem with boots - Patrick's feet are HUGE (hes 9 now and they're the same size as mine!) so sorry I dont think you'll vere be getting boots from us I dare say LOL!

And sounds like an awesome night too babe - glad you had fun.
GJ's sounds good to me!