Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some random musings on being a mother of a Man in the making ...

Some of you will remember that my son turned twelve a couple of weeks ago, and I've noticed all of a sudden how grown up he is. Maybe it's the sudden realisation that he's not a little boy anymore, and that in less than 6 months time he'll be in high school - one of those students that I teach, how's that possible!! He still drives me mental at home, but what kid doesn't every so often?
The thing I'm most proud of, I guess, is that he is growing up into such a great guy. He went to a birthday party last weekend, and it was all girls and him, the little chick magnet. But the thing that struck me was how well the girls all spoke of him, and how well he treated them, especially when he thought that I wasn't around. He's funny, and smart, and respectful, and generous, and I'm really proud that he's so well adjusted. I'm just a little sad that he's getting so grown up all of a sudden, as it means that he's a little less reliant on mummy ... but that's what parenting is about, I guess, isn't it? Thanks to Vita for my latest favourite quote, on that note -
"The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children". Elaine Heffner
I'm glad that my work of art is turning into such a masterpiece!

My main focus when I've been scrapping in the past week or so has been my not-so-little boy, and reflecting back on his life thus far. Here are a couple of lo's I've done in that vein... This lo is using Reminisce papers, from the LittleScrapbook Shop's monthly kit (GREAT job on the kits, cath!)

This is the hidden journalling from the above lo ... just some reflections on how alike my little boy still is to this pic, with his cheeky grin and smiling eyes.

This one is for a Wacky Wednesday challenge - using white, and no pp. I love it - can't stop looking at it, really! Gotta love primas.

Ok, that's it from me for now - off to scrap. Cya later all, don't forget to hug your kids, and cherish each moment. (Gee, that was a bit soppy, wasn't it?? lol)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, i dont believe he is getting so big. Love the pictures, T, they look great. And what a sweet kid you have raised.

Ms Zane said...

I have no children as you know PT - but it is interesting to me how you feel about him getting so big. I think I would be overwhelmed myself! Congratulations on raising such a great young man!!