Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I can sleep next week!

Ok, people, this is going to be a long bitch session about work ... just skip it if you like, it's just a vent, and I really do love what I do ... just not right at this minute!!

Far out, people who think that teaching is a cushy job with wonderful holidays are just flat out daft. Here's my week in a nutshell. Extra lesson on monday, which would normally be fine (well not really, but anyway ...) except that it was with a particularly horrid class. The problem with this? I also had them for the lesson before. So that's 2 hours of hell, and just to make it better (notice the sarcasm) not ONE of them was away that day. Of course! 2 hours of stress and tension with a full class of behaviourally challenged students. Great! So to top that off, I've got an entire years worth of programs to write, for classes I don't even teach, due on friday. Complete with outcomes, work samples, etc etc ... yeah, sure, no problem! I can sleep next week maybe. So that's ok, it should all be ok shouldn't it? Well it would be, except for something I am rapidly discovering about myself ... I CAN'T SAY NO!! So today, after rushing from one class to another, then making a coffee that I think is still sitting on my desk, a colleague asks me if I would mind doing a presentation at a staff meeting tomorrow, as she won't be able to do it - sure, no problem, I say! This is in spite of the fact that I was kind of hoping to skip out on the staff meeting and get another program written, so I could maybe sleep tonight ... that's ok, I can sleep next week!
And to top it off, for the last couple of weeks I've been trying to get the unit folders to go with the units organised, only to find out today, after not one, not 2, but FOUR of them are finished, that my Dept. Head has decided that they don't need to be handed in, so no-one else is doing them - that would have been nice to know! So bring on holidays, when the biggest perk is that I get to stay home and do programming and planning without trying to fit it around going to classes. Today was officially hump day - the halfway point of the term, so five weeks and 2 days to go, woo hoo.

Ok, off to program ... hopefully a nicer post, maybe with some scrapping, next time!

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Christina said...

Wow, what a pain, T. Did you get them all done? You can sleep all you like in the school hols i guess - only 5 weeks to go.