Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday, busy sunday!!

Wow, how on earth do we manange to cram so much into a weekend? Kieran has his birthday party yesterday, so after rushing around taking Kelsey to ballet and jazz in the morning, and dropping her back to Nanna's for the afternoon, it was off to the movies, with 8 12 year olds - what were we thinking? My god, Kieran has friends who talk as much as he does - I didn't know it was possible. His friend Remi (whose party he went to last weekend) came along too - what a sweetheart she is. They sat together in the movies, and talked and giggled, and then spent an hour on the phone today - the end result of all this is, my little boy now has a girlfriend. And a very nice one too!!
The movie was great, by the way - Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. Quite funny, definitely setting up for the 3rd movie which I'm assuming will follow.

In other news, I've been scrapping up a storm - challenges for LSBS, DT work, and basically lots of pics that I've been wanting to scrap for ages. I've done about 6 lo's this weekend I think - some of them need a few finishing touches, which is what I'm planning on doing tonight, as well as some overdue ATC's (I'm getting to them, I promise, Judy!! Don't yell at me!!) Speaking of which, I'd better get working on them - right after I chase these girls off to bed, little toads! Cya later, everyone, I'll share some pics next time!

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