Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lip-gloss, anyone?

I spent yesterday scrapping with friends (more about that later) and called in on the way to get a few things, including a new lip-gloss. I get really dry lips, especially when I have playground duty at school in the wind, so it's kind of an essential. I got home after my big day out, and put it up- not in the loungeroom in plain sight, but in the hidey-hole in my bedhead. So this afternoon, I heard Dennis asking Tayla what she was doing ... I smelt a very strong strawberry scent. Sure enough, Tayla had not only found my lip balm, but eaten almost all of it. Yes, I said EATEN. How bizarre is that? I'm going to hide the rest of my makeup, I think ...

I spent all day yesterday scrapping at the lovely Cath's house, with the equally lovely Nicole and Shelee. What a great day - good snacks, good scrapping supplies, and great fun. I finished 3 lo's, and got another one almost finished. Definitely planning another one of these soon!! I'll upload some pics later.

I have a pretty busy week coming up - Geography excursion on Tuesday, full days at work every other day, physi competition for the girls on Saturday plus a stamping workshop to go to with the lovely Aunty Tracey if I get home in time, then we are booked in for a photo session on Sunday. Tayla's childcare centre runs a fundraiser where you get some awesome sepia photos (there are some in my slideshow above from the last session) so I need to find some clothes for the kids to wear before then. So what am I doing to night? Preparing for the excursion, marking assignments, getting clothes ready? No, I'm scrapping - finishing the challenges for LittleScrapbookShop's cybercrop, and doing the Friday and Sunday challenges too if I get time. I've gotten some beautiful pics printed, thanks to Rachel Richter, who provided a photo imaging pack (which I won) to the Breast Cancer Foundation raffle that Ngaire Bartlam was running, so thanks Ngaire and Rachel!

That's it from me tonight- I'll try and post some pics in the next couple of days, and update with some more news from everyone else. Take care!!

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Anonymous said...

Aawww, I'm jealous. You girls had so much fun scrapping together. - Vita