Monday, August 14, 2006

A quick Monday night share ...

My aunty and her Significant Other are getting married! About time, Aunty Ruth! lol They are looking at getting hitched sometime over the christmas hols,which is when we were thinking about going over for a visit (they live in WA) so that's sounding all exciting!!

Here's a lo I did for the LittleScrapbookShop cybercrop on the weekend - I'm SOOO loving this one! Tayla is such a poser, and you just have to get the camera out and she's off. This was her "superhero" afternoon - gotta love the versatility of a teatowel, it was a baby blanket a few minutes later, then a bullfighters cape. She LOVED being a superhero though -and I love these pics! Fabric totally inspired by Jen Hall ... who else?

Ok, bedtime for me - off on a Geography field trip tomorrow, doesn't that sound like fun??? lol Night all!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the fabric - looks awesome!

xoxo Jen