Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sick of Being Sick!

Yep, the dreaded cold is back ... with a vengeance. Went to work today (Yr 10 DID appreciate all the civil rights stuff, so I'm glad I bothered now!) but my head got progressively worse, and by the time I finished with my horrid yr 8's, my headache was in full swing, but I didn't get home any earlier than usual because I had so much paperwork to do ... sick of paperwork, too! Came home, took the girls to physi (got Kelsey a new leotard, and she looks gorgeous in it, so that was worth the trip) and then came home and fell asleep on the lounge. Feeling a little better now, but I really hope this doesn't hang around as long as the last bout - I was sick for a month, and I just don't have time for that at the moment!

Had a teary moment tonight - a dear friend (you know who you are!) has had a bit of a rough time, and she posted a lovely comment on a forum we are on ... I'm happy to help you eat a whole chocolate cake any time you need me to, lovey! It made me realise how important little things can be, and how important friends are, even those ones who call you names and insult you at every opportunity, and who you chat to online more than IRL (in fact, ESPECIALLY those ones!) So a big thanks to all my cyber-friends, and thanks for all the little things that you do or say to make my life a little more cheery.
That's it for me - off to make another cup of tea with honey. Take care of yourselves!

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Natalie said...

Just a visiting and checking out your fabo slide..hope you feel better soon!!