Monday, July 24, 2006

Holy crap, I'm exhausted!!

It's only one week back into the term, and I feel so in need of another holiday. I guess the fact that the holidays were so busy didn't help either! Run off my feet at work, and trying frantically to keep up with all my usual work plus the extra stuff that I "volunteered" for. That, plus fighting off the beginnings of a cold ... bring on the weekend, is all I can say.

Kelsey loves being back at school, and was even excited about going to piano lessons today, so that's a good thing ... she was skipping lots of lessons last term, and I was getting worried that she didn't like it, but I think it was more just a scatterbrain thing than anything else. Her teacher (what a sweetheart - thank God that Kels got in her class this year!!) reminded her to go, so maybe that's what she needs - she's taking after her brother more and more each day. lol

I want to be scrapping - so much more interesting than researching the history of the civil rights movement in the USA for a class who I just KNOW are not going to give a crap, or put any effort into their assignments at all ... ah well, that's teaching, I guess. Ok, off to print off some info about Rosa Parks - what a legend! I hope year 10 appreciate her even half as much as I do. Night night, bloggers!

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Anonymous said...

Hope work gets better, love - take care of those kids of yours for me, can't wait to see you all again!