Thursday, July 13, 2006

The great furniture debacle

The computer has up until this point been balancing precariously on a smallish student desk (I brought the desk in my first week of uni, and have a bizarre sentimental attachment to it, even though it is really too small to be of any practical use!!) So while I was shopping for a bookcase to store all our excess books in, I found the PERFECT computer station - an amoire style one, with the doors which close in front of the monitor (yeah, like they are going to be closed for long!!) I paid for it, and organised to pick it up the next morning, and came home to tell DH. Turns out that it was the box he was moving when he injured his back - a different colour though, so I don't think he'll be psychologically scarred every time he looks at the new desk, but you never know!
Picked up the new computer station, plus a new bookcase for the kids books (how did I manage to accumulate this many books?!?!?!)About 7 hours later, they were put together - little Miss Tayla's help with the bookcase made it go so much quicker, my tendency to put things on back the front with the computer table did not. Pics to follow ... still trying to figure that out, but I did manage to edit the links to the side, so you can check out the places I hang and the blogs I visit now! (all scrapping related, sadly enough ... lol)
We are off to Disney on Ice tomorrow, and you know what that means - yep, spending way too much money on souvenirs, and taking way too many pics of my little princesses who are just dying to get all dressed up for the occasion - we have the privilege of accompanying Cinderella and Belle to the ball! That's it from me atm ... check in later when the princess' blog gets illustrated (maybe .....)!!

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