Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yumm ...

I'm so in love with Peters Creme brulee icecream right now- and my husband for getting it for me! What a legend - I love that man! (even if he does have longer hair than me ... he he)

I've been having some fun scrapping this week - some stuff I can't share just yet, so keep an eye out for that soon, but here is some stuff I can share!
I did both these layouts for the CC at LSBS, and I love them! The "In focus" one was thanks to a colour challenge set by the beautiful Tracy, and I just love it - it is something I would normally never do! The other one was done in my effort to use up my stash, so I can feel a bit better about just having placed a couple of orders ... lol. So, Goofy Girl is mostly Fancy Pants, with some Heidi and American Crafts alphas, just in case you were wondering! lol I also used up a HEAP of Love Elsie papers I had sitting here - I don't feel so bad about buying the whole Melissa Frances Thankful range now! Actually, I didn't feel bad about buying it anyway - it's too nice for words. So pretty and girly -really me. Plus, I got some of the vintage trims and embellishments, and some ticket tags ... watch out for some baldy pics scrapped in pretty pink coming soon to a computer screen near you! lol

These two layouts aren't mine, as much as I'd like to take credit for them. Kelsey did these - isn't she a talented little cookie? She was given an 8.5x11 album for her birthday last year, and she loves scrapping that size. Her album is almost full, and she's decided she wants a ring-binder one next - seriously, how many 8 year olds decide they want to upgrade their scrapping albums for christmas? Too funny!

So, back to work this week with no hair - and the reaction I got from the kids was overwhelming! One girl was in tears - she couldn't believe that someone would willingly do that to their hair. The best reaction, though, came from one of our resident bad-boys. He had been kicked out of class, and was on his way to see the deputy principal, and I was walking the same way. I'd just put a bandanna on, because my head was FREEZING (we've had a cold snap here this week - just my luck!) and he told me that he'd just brought the same bandanna for his Nan, because she has cancer. I told him why I was wearing it, and why I'd shaved my head, and this tough guy who takes everyone on whenever he gets a chance said "you're a f*cking legend Miss."So there you go ... I'm a legend!! lol Moments like that - that's why I love my job. Something little, a seemingly insignificant conversation in the corridor, and it makes a connection. And that's what teaching is all about - making the most of those little connections in the hope that when it matters, you can make a big difference. Moments like that make me LOVE teenagers - they swear heaps, they give you attitude like you wouldn't believe, but they are honest and appreciative when it counts. I wouldn't work anywhere else! (NOTE TO SELF: RE-READ THIS NEXT TIME YOU ARE HAVING A SHITTY DAY/ WEEK/ MONTH/ TERM/ YEAR AT WORK!)

K, I'm off to play with my new pretty things! Take care, luv ya, thanks for stopping by!


mandysea said...

Awesome PT!! Love you new stash you've used and ESPECIALLY love that 'In Focus' LO!! Superb girl! (fab story too!!)

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Gorgeous layouts Tamara!!