Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bye bye hair!!

I just want to show you all a picture ...

That's me with hair. In fact, that was me at the beginning of the year with hair - it's a bit longer now!

Take a good look, because it won't be there for long! On Saturday October 25th, it's all coming off. You can read a few posts down about a chick I love to bits - my sister-in-law, Shelley, is undergoing chemo at the moment, fighting Breast Cancer, and my sister and I were talking about shaving our heads to support her. Well, I'm doing it, and I figure with this much hair, I might as well try and raise a bit of money for research as well. A couple of friends are running a Girls Night In event on the 17th of October, and they've let me link my impending baldness to their event - they've even kicked off the donations!

So, if you'd like to help out an awesome cause, and help me feel a little bit better about losing my beloved hair, I'd so love you to be a part of this!

There are a couple of ways you can support the cause ... go to the following link:
You'll find the details for the event that's taking place next weekend, and there is also a link for you to donate using your credit card - it's totally secure, and you'll recieve a tax receipt in the mail. Yes, donations over $2 are tax deductible, you've gotta love that! You can also come along to the GNI, for some paper-crafting fun (if you're into that kind of thing! lol). Gill and Karyn have organised heaps of awesome prizes, and some great classes, so it's going to be a great event.
You can also check out the FACEBOOK PAGE or LIVE PAGE for more details about the event.

If you'd like to donate, but aren't comfortable about putting your CC details in over the internet, please email me - Gill has set up a bank account to take donations directly, so can give you those details. Any donation, big or small, will be greatly appreciated, and every cent makes a difference.

I'd also like to give a huge thanks to Leeanne at Scrap Therapy, who is letting me advertise this on the forum. I know that she's a huge supporter of the cause, so keep your eyes peeled, there might be another way you can support Breast cancer research, and also your scrapping habit, coming soon!

I also have a special thanks to any of my awesome scrapping friends, or people who I don't know yet from the scrapping world who pop in and support this. I've just completed a really cool little botton cupboard, using some great products from Scrap Therapy, and I have a spare one of these cupboards, not yet decorated. This is what mine looks like:

If you make a donation, and post a comment here to let me know, once the deed is done, I'll be drawing a name out of a hat, and you'll receive a personally decorated cupboard, done to your specifications! If you want it the same as this, that's no drama, but if you'd prefer other colours in the paint (I think hot pink under a black crackle would look awesome!!) or in the paper behind the jars, I'll do it to your specifications. No, the buttons and jars aren't included - you'll have to provide them yourself. lol
I also have a couple of other little goodies that will be making there way to a new home, so if you make a donation, please let me know so I can pop your name in the draw!

So, that's what's happening so far - I'll keep you updated with any new developments. Thanks in advance for supporting such an awesome cause - and keep an eye out here on Saturday 25th of October for post-shave pictures!


Shelee said...

You go girl !!! That's a very brave thing to do, given the length of your hair! WOW! So brave!


Kristy said...

Hey this is so great! I wil def donate some money, will send you a email shortly! Those cupboards look fab!

Kim Tonnet said...

Good on you PT. I've been bald and I'd go there again to save a life without question. Thanks for all that you do to help people like my family and I. Best wishes to your S-I-L for a full recovery and long life. Love from KimT (diagnosed with Stage 2, Breast Cancer in 2003; surviving and thriving but still in treatment in 2008).

Jen said...

This is very awesome of you PT - and I've been and donated for you!!

Don't forget - we need pics so AT can scrap them LMAO!

Tracy said...

PT this is an awesome thing you are doing, I am very proud of you for giving it your all... And mt sincerest best wishes for your S-I-L for a full recovery.
I will happily go donate for you babe :)
Trac x

mandysea said...

Well!! I just think you are AWESOME!!

Nothing but admiration here and sending blessings to your SIL

smauge said...

The only thing that bothers me about this is that you're not doing it at the GNI! Oh well I'll just have to come back here for a visit and check it out.
PS - I've done it three times and it's really not that bad. You'll wonder why you'd ever grow it back! Life is so much easier without hair...

Wirg's Creative World said...

Dear PT
You sooooooo deserved all those cheers last night. Well done and how cool did you look (and feel!) I've made a pledge, can you email me the bank details and I'll do the transfer as soon as I've got them. Masses of love and hugs to you and your SIL.
Wirgie x x

Kristie said...

Yay for you PT, I've got the bank details and will donate no problems. GNI rocks :)

Natalie said...

Wow how brave are you but your scalp is GORGEOUS...I have just made my donation.