Monday, November 17, 2008

What a MAN!!!

You know what I love about the site I am sooooo blessedly on the Design Team for? Scrap Therapy has an awesome Manufacturer of the Month thing going on ... affectionately called the MAN of the month. The forum is buzzing every month, just before the announcement, not only trying to guess the real MAN (as in scrapping manufacturer) but also coming up with a new MAN - a real life, hot, often shirtless one - that Julie will scrap into a cute little ATC each month. It seriously rocks! Check out the Scrap Therapy blog for this month's MAN ... nice, very nice!

So, the REAL MAN of the month is one of my faves ... American Crafts!! Gotta love the colours. Gotta love the variety. Gotta love the ALBUMS!!!! Gotta love the cardstock. And, most importantly - GOTTA LOVE THE THICKERS! The really exciting thing is that every month, the MAN of the Month is on sale - 20%! (hence the shirtless thing, I think. 20% off ... roughly 20% of the outfit would be a shirt ... get it? Yeah, I know, I'm grasping at straws ... shutting up now. lol) So, this month American Crafts is on sale at 20% off the prices listed in store - the reduced price will come up as you go through checkout. This applies to everything but the cardstock, which is already at the rediculously low price of 55cents, so buy up big on that anyway!

Here are a couple of MAN Creations that I've done so far - both are using the Amplified range, which is vibrant and gorgeous, but also really versatile. So many of the sheets in this range are embossed, die cut, or foiled - just beautiful! I've also used the obligatory Thickers, and the journalling blocks are done using the AC clear stickers - love them to bits!

This one isn't AC, but I wanted to share it anyway - this was a layout I did just after attending the Relay for Life in Blacktown. It was such an emotional event, and I came home finally ready to scrap this amazing man. Love ya, Pa! (Basic Grey Granola, in case you were wondering!)

Ok, that's about it for me ... I've got so much going on here at the moment I can't even see straight! Reports to write, stuff to scrap, floors to mop, kids to nurse (Kieran has tonsilitis again, Tayla has an allergic reaction to something, and I'm feeling crappy!) and at some point in all that I need to remember to breathe. So what do I do? That's right, I blog ... of course! LOL

Oh, a quick note - I haven't forgotten about the rak draw for people who donated to the head shave thing for breast cancer research ... I'm just waiting on a few names from our lovely GNI organisers, and I'll get it done.

K, all, off I go - cya later! Mwah!!


smauge said...

I've gotta laugh at what one little post of Paul Licuria has done to the ladies at Scrap Therapy! I wait anxiously by my mailbox as I know I'm getting the ATC of the first "MAN" soon!

Julie said...

Great stuff Missy PT.

Tash Allen said...

lol at your explanation of the man and his shirt. funny!! love your layouts, great work. esp the one of your Pa, good on you for being brave enough to write it down. BTW you have been tagged - like you don't have enough to do! ;)

mandysea said...

Love your rendition of 'the man' too!!

Sar tagged me on her blog to come up with 6 random thoughts about I tag you! Come see!

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Gorgeous work PT!!!!