Monday, October 09, 2006

And now for something completely different ...

A happy post! I know, bloggers, I've been a bit down lately, but I'm making a concious effort to focus on the fun, the positive, the great things in my life. So no more injury stories, as amusing as they may be for you (sorry AT!!!) ... we have a bye at softball this week, so maybe in a couple of weeks I can continue the amusing saga that is my fitness regime. So what have I been up to? Scrapping, cleaning (yes I said cleaning -don't collapse in shock!) and generally making the most of the week I have left before I am once again slave to the government (AKA school holidays finish).

So what's happening in the scrapping world? I'm taking part in a Survivor challenge at ChookScraps ... the first challenge is a sketch one, and it's an awesome sketch, thanks Lorraine! I haven't finished it yet, but it's due on Friday, so I'll share when I get it finished. There are 55 talented scrappers taking part (well, 54 and me ... rofl) and 20 are being eliminated after this challenge, so it might be a short and sweet participation, but at least it's another lo finished!
The DT announcements have been made at LittleScrapbookShop. and the Design Team now has 3 amazing new members - HelenJ who is a part of the furniture there already (a very beautiful and talented piece of furniture though helen) and Deanne are our new stamping gurus, and Celeste is our new resident scrapping legend ... the funny thing is, I was looking through some mags on the weekend, and saw a lo that I fell in love with. I went back to it today to take another look at the colours in it, and it was one of Celeste's ... pretty cool, huh? (Ok, I'm easily amused, but at least I'm not bitching about something, so humour me, ok?)

Some pics, I hear you ask? Are you that sick of reading my drivel already? I'm just getting started! Ok, I'll humour you ... not many people appreciate the talents of a true literary genius, so I'll keep some visuals in here for you lot. (Again, talking to you, AT!!)
This is a Maya Road chipboard binder I did on the weekend - loving it, if I do say so myself. (What a stupid thing to say ... of course I said it myself! Did I expect you to think that an alien came along, abducted me, and typed complimentary things about my scrapping?)
Kelsey cybercropped on the weekend ... she's totally adicted, poor thing. Her future husband is going to HATE us - adictions to scrapbooking and swarovski crystal, he's got no chance! lol So here's her lo. She even kicked me off the computer so she could type up her journalling, and that's a pretty mammoth effort. She wanted to do her journalling like I had done in this one .... and she's done a pretty good job I think!

Ok, there were supposed to be pics, but blogger isn't playing nicely tonight. Am I going to let that get me down, though, bloggers? No I am not. I'll leave the wonderful stuff I've typed there, and you will just have to come back later to see the gorgeous pics that are supposed to be there. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait. Did you know that some of the greatest authors used to write things in serial form? Kept their audience in suspense. I'm really channelling Dickens here ... rofl. Ok, off to do something constructive, like eat a fundraising size Freddo and veg in front of the TV. Dennis says that I should have said I was going to eat a peach ... sounds more artistic, or something, but you know me, a freddo is much more likely. Cya later, alligator!

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Angela said...

I enjoy your literary genius Princess. ;) Can't wait to see that photo once you get it working.