Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sailing away ...

It's here! The big weekend away (otherwise known as the big lesbian weekend ... no, not me, but I'm the token straight person for the weekend, I think! lol) Some friends and I have chipped in and hired a houseboat for the weekend, to celebrate the 40th birthday of someone special (again, not me - I may feel that old, but I'm not there yet!) So I'm heading off tomorrow to learn how to drive the thing ... scary, huh? If you are anywhere near the Hawkesbury this weekend, watch out!! I can't wait, but at the same time I'm feeling a little bad. Dennis has had a couple of moles removed, and he's in a bit of pain atm, as his back is playing up, so I feel a little guilty about leaving him to deal with the kids all by himself, and getting Kelsey off to dancing, etc etc. But it's only for 2 days ... and did I mention, I can't wait? lol

So bon voyage to me! A little parting gift - you may recall, I'm through to round three of the Chookscraps Survivor comp?
Well, after spending 4 days on my challenge lo, and not being happy with it, last night I whipped up not one, but TWO lo's I totally love for this one! It took a while (and a bit of help - thanks, AT and Nic!) to decide which lo to submit, but it's done now, so I can share the other one with you. It's Urban Lily - one of my fave's at the moment - and some totally gorgeous pics of my gorgeous girl Tayla. Gotta love her! Oh my goodness, I haven't packed - why am I still here talking to you??? lol. I'll upload the other lo when I get home - the decision will have been made whether I'm through to the next round or not by then, and you can see why it was such a hard choice!

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