Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm back - did you miss me?

I survived my weekend away on the houseboat - but not, unfortunately, the chookscraps survivor challenge. But the weekend first - it was AWESOME! People, I totally recommend that if you ever get the chance to do this, don't think twice - go for it! It was the best weekend I've had in ages and ages. Even with no scrapping, and no internet access - that's saying something, isn't it?? lol.

I fished, I talked, I drank, I swam, I ate way too much, I read lots, and I fished some more ... I even caught one! I do have photographic evidence (like I'd come home without photos!) but they are on a friends' camera, so I'll share those when she emails them to me. And this is the bit I know you're all waiting for - the injury toll! Yes, dear readers, I can home with an injury - a fishing hook went underneath my finger nail, then back out again ... ouch! I got it out eventually, but I'm heading off to the doctors tomorrow for a tetanus shot, just in case. I'd hate for one of my essential typing fingers to fall off now!

And while I was off having fun, I was being villified back home ... plots abounded on LittleScrapbookShop to have me kidnapped and starved, all so they can get ahead of me in the post count! The things people will do to be like me - am I really that special? LOL So Gill, Lav, and AT, I'm on to you, and if you try anything, be warned - I'm a blue belt in Karate, and watched lots of McGyver, so I'll be a whole lot harder to imprison than you think! (really, everyone, people at LSBS are MOSTLY harmless, and generally very nice- there are just a few trouble makers you need to be careful of ... rofl)

So Survivor -well, my journey is no more. I've been asked to leave the island, LO in hand, never to return. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted - and I didn't think I'd get this far! Here is the second lo I did for this challenge - you can see the first in my last post. I really love it - Urban Lily paper, some hessian underneath the journalling, and the cutest boy you ever did see! Before you point it out - yes, I know there is nothing in the label holder in the top corner, I need to find out the date the pics were taken and add it. I just can't remember when it was!
Ok, blogger's being difficult ... I'll try to upload the pic later. I'm off to do some housework - see you later, people!


Carol said...


Tracey said...

I second Lavs comment - pfffft to you..... oh, and also to being evicted....that's Ok you can join me on the nearby island, mai-tais in hand, laughing at them all roughing it over there hehehehe!

Lisa Pate said...

I **KNEW** I had found a sister when I read about your injury's! Between me and you we have quite a track record with weird and unusual injury's and illnesses. thinking of you and that tetnus shot **ouchie**