Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The princess and the cockroach.

Welcome, dear readers, to another installment in the wondrous tale of the beautiful Princess, and her adventures in the dark and mysterious world that surrounds her. In our last chapter, you may recall, the Princess did battle with the forces of evil who threatened to expel her from the field of diamonds (ie tried to get her out at softball) and suffered a debilitating injury to her precious leg. Undeterred, she battled on, and eventually recovered to resume her rule over Casa Del Rodgers.

Time passed in the peaceful kingdom, and our lovely and generous princess reigned over her subjects with wisdom and bravery. Until one day, a terrifying creature threatened the peace and tranquility of the land.

A piercing shriek split the silence ... "Arrrrrgggghhhh!!!! Mummy, a cockroach!!" wailed the Princess in Training, the lovely (and occasionally psychotic) Princess Tayla, as the giant beast scurried across the room. The ever brave PT leapt to her feet (PMSL at the image of me leaping!!) to rush to her defence. Glass slipper in hand, she pounded the giant beast. Once, twice, thrice she struck it, till finally it's gruesome legs flailed no more, and lay defeated. The Princess was victorious, but not unscathed. For in her haste to protect her kingdom, the force from the pounding of the slipper ricocheted back through her finger, causing lasting damage. But nonetheless, PT continued to share her thoughts with her loyal subjects (ie write inane stuff on her blog) even though the effort caused great discomfort.

Yep, a sore finger from hitting a cockroach with a shoe. Can't get more lame than that, can it? I wish I had a cool karate injury story, but it's really unexciting.
I also wanted to share my latest lo - I finished this one last night, and I really love it - very bright for me, isn't it? Loving these papers - they are from the Lime Tart kit I won in the ScrapbookingTop50 treasure hunt.
Ok, off to rest the battle wound - it has taken SOOOO long to type this up, you wouldn't believe it!


Tamara said...

OH dear!*smirk* Ouch *giggle* Poor PT *giggle*

That roach didn't know what it had coming obviously...never invade the house of a royal! LOL

Hope it's better soon...typing with sore fingers REALLY hurts!


flea said...

Oh not laughing - nup not *keeping really straight face here*

Hope it gets better soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Great story PT. - lol - Hope you get better soon. - Vita

Tracey said...

PMSl - not gunna pretend on this one - it's even funnier the second (and thrid, and fourth...) time around...


Leone said...

That's too funny about the cockroach! Loved reading through your blog and checking out your layouts. Wow they are amazing. And what a gorgoeus prize pack - no wonder you are thrilled.