Sunday, November 05, 2006

Penrith Papercrafts Festival - AWESOME!!

Well, it's all over for another year - and I'm exhausted. It all started on Friday with the trade show, and how awesome did the Acacia PaperCrafts stand look? Well, pretty damned awesome, let me tell you. Here are a couple of pics -
the Acacia Sign is one of my efforts, using some Bella chipboard letters (including some I had to create from other letters, as they don't make a whole alphabet) and the Reminisce stripestock ... each letter is made from the one sheet, as they have a coordinating stripe and pattern on either side. Noice, huh?

The lovely Sharon, aka sparkles, fellow DT member extraordinaire, and I ... don't we look hard at work? lol We had a great time, and were busy all day, but neither of us want to look at the stock we were demonstrating for a little while. I am the quotestick queen, apparently, but I'm willing to give up the crown! lol We were very grateful for the big - no, make that HUGE glass of lollies parked right in front of us (as were all the people who made it to our end of the room! lol) Sherberts - my FAVE! Thanks Therese and Nicole!

And this bunch of lunatics? Well, this was the first time I got to catch up with the awesome people from LSBS this weekend. From L to R: Cath, Lisa (in front), Sharon, Nic, me, and Helen. Too noice, this lot!

So we are at saturday - a quick trip to the retail show to catch up with everyone, which was great, but it really was quick - I only had a1 and a half hours while Kelsey was at dancing to check everything out, but Cath did an awesome job! I played softball yesterday, despite the rain, and we kicked butt ... after last weeks terrifying game at 3rd base, our coach put me there again (he reckons I did an awesome job - I don't know what game he was watching!) but I really enjoyed it - now I know all the rules out there! lol. So that was great, I'm really enjoying being a sporty person - and no, AT, no major injuries (althought my thumb is really bruised, and I don't know how that happened - it's not sore at all though, so that's a little wierd!)

Dinner at King Henry's Court on saturday night with Helen, Cath, Shelee, Lisa, Gill and Missty, was TOO awesome - I have 2 more kindred spirits. LOVE you, Lisa and Helen, if you are reading this! (Have you linked me yet, Lisa? Her blog is over in my list, everyone, if you want to check out whether she's put me there yet! lol) LOTS of photos taken, but not many on my camera, so I'll upload them when I get them (email me, people!!)

I went back to the show today - originally to just buy some more pens, because Uniball Signo pens ROCK!! - but Cath put me to work, and I spent 4 hours working the cash register and eftpos machine. Man, I'm versatile! lol. I also got to meet up with new LSBS DT member Deanne, and Anne (glad you got a new cutter, babe!) After the manic pack up, I've come home and just hit the wall - but what a great weekend. It was awesome to catch up with everyone. (and just in case anyone from Chooks is reading this - yes, I brought more than just the pens, and I know I'm not supposed to be buying anything, but it was just for my Survivor lo - do you forgive me??)

So that was my weekend ... too busy, too much fun, and too many beautiful people! I'm off to de-stress - see you later, everyone!


Angela said...

Oh you're kidding? I was there Friday and Saturday and I didn't see you Princess. Bummer. Glad you had a good time though.

Lisa Pate said...

Ok Ok I am off to add you to me very special person blog links! BTW, I think you are just so funny and sweet, can't wait till next time

Scrapmanda said...

Love the pics PT - looking forward to seeing wish I'd come down for the show...sounded like excellent fun! (except for Lisa's mishap!)

helenj said...

hey chickie
it was so great to meet you at the show and how much fun was the dinner ?
your awesome , just luv ya girl !

Crissy Gaylor said...

Love the Acacia sign! Just got a whole heap of those pps!!!

Anonymous said...

You girls look great. Glad you had a fabo time at the show. - Vita