Monday, September 11, 2006

What a day!!

Tayla did not get better - in fact, she got substantially worse, and that resulted in an early morning dash to the Emergency Department as it became increasingly difficult for her to breath. She got a bit better as we arrived at the hospital - as they do!! - and some strong antibiotics today have helped her get a bit more lively, but still not anywhere near as lively as her usual bubbly self. Fingers crossed that tomorrow she is a whole lot better, as she is still planning on going to gymnastics tomorrow!

I just want to point out, for those of you who don't read the comments to my last post, that while Nic didn't keep us company, and inspire us with her brilliance, on Saturday night, she had a very good reason to pike - not just slackness! lol. So I hope you are getting better Russ, and you know I still love you nic!

On a much more exciting note, we went to karate tonight, and Kelsey graded! This is exciting on a number of levels - she has been hanging to get a different coloured belt, and while purple (her favourite colour) is still a while away, yellow is a good start. She is also really shy, and the fact that she trained at a different venue to where we normally go, and stood in front of strangers to do her kata, is pretty impressive. So congrats, my little yellow belted karate superstar!!

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Scrapmanda said...

HOpe Tayla is feeling much better now! I'm sure there's nothing worse than being sick on your birthday (when you're four)!!