Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy birthday Tayla!

Just a quick share of some exciting news - Tayla is officially a big girl (well, in her eyes anyway.) She woke up this morning as a 4 year old, and a quite sick one at that. She felt like she was burning up, and had a horrid cough. She's a bit better now, but little trooper that she is, has had a great day so far. Dora is everywhere! Here is a pic of her favourite presents - a Dora bike from Mummy and Daddy, Dora scooter from her big sis Kattie and nephew and nieces, Boots and Swipter toys and Dora art set from Kieran and Kelsey, and her new Dora clothes. She also got some assorted toys (skipping rope, jacks, and pat and ball ... all Dora!) and some more Dora clothes and PJ's. Can you guess what her favourite show is at the moment?

It's pouring rain here today, so she has had to content herself with chucking laps of the house on her new bike ... she keeps trying to convince us that as she is a big girl, she doesn't need the training wheels on. Maybe next year! She had a Maccas party to go to for a friend from childcare, and had a great time - another friend's party next weekend, then Tayla's is the week after that. That'll teach me to get invitations out earlier, won't it? lol

I spent a great night scrapping last night with Cath, Shelee, and Sharon from LSBS ... Nic piked on us, but we managed to survive without her. I didn't get much in the way of scrapping done, just finished the journalling on one, and started another, but I did get 2 cards made, so that wasn't too bad. This is the lo I managed to finish - it's not quite how I wanted it to look, but how awesome is that face? She looks a bit happier than that today!

Ok, that's it from me today - I need to go and organise a cake for the birthday girl, and also for my sister-in-law, whose birthday is tomorrow. Take care, everyone!


nicrus said...

Nic piked it hey?! Now, the real story is Nics dh decided that it would be a great night to have a screaming headache and to not be able to look after the children, hence I had to stay at home and play mother. I was not a happy camper!

Now I've got that story straight... on with the show!

Happy Birthday Tayla!

Melinda said...

Hi just wanted to say happy birthday to your daughter. It was my sons 9th birthday on Saturday too. September seems to be a month full of birthdays.
Melinda (from LSS

Princess Tamara said...

Lol nic - you know I don't let the truth get in the way of a good story! Love ya babe!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tayla. Riley thinks your bike is ace! - lol- Vita.