Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Day Reflection

I just posted this over at ScrapTherapy - it started off as a "Happy Mother's Day" post, but I had a very close friend firmly in my mind as I was writing it, and it got deep and meaningful. I thought I'd post it here too.

To all the mothers of children, present and absent.
To all those who nurture children who they didn't birth, but they love all the same.
To all those who are aunties, sisters, friends and neighbours, who offer a maternal ear, or shoulder, or hand when needed.
To all those who long to hold a baby but have not been blessed.
To all those who have not given birth, and have no desire to.
To all those who nurture their fur-babies.
Who love unconditionally.
Who make the world a better place through their presence.

My life has been nurtured and enriched by so many women.
I have been touched by a biological mother.
By a mother of a close friend, who saved my life on more than one occasion.
By a woman whose womb had never produced an offspring but nonetheless impacted on the world around her deeply - both as a teacher, and a lifelong friend.
By a grandmother, and more aunts that I can number.
By a sister who, by choice, wasn't able to have children in the conventional way, but has this year realised her dream of motherhood, and celebrates her first mother's day this year.
And by friends, both mothers and not, who make the world a better place through their compassion.
Their humour.
Their ability to make rainbows out of the darkest storms.
Their persistence and perserverance.
And their deep and abiding love.

Thankyou to all those women in my life.
And thankyou to those women in yours.
Have a wonderful day today, you beautiful women, no matter what your circumstances and experiences.
You hold a truly honoured place in this world, and I am honoured to be counted amongst you.


Tracy said...

What gorgeous words there PT!!!
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you sweet, hope those gorgeous kids of you spoilt you like you deserve to be.

Huggs to you
Tracy x

Chrissy said...

That's totally beautiful Tamara! Makes my heart smile to read your gorgesou words, ever so true....

Chrissy x

Shelee said...

OMG you just made me cry! Such beautiful words PT!!! :)

Yvette said...

SO beautiful... you have a lovely way with words PT!!

LEA said...

hi pt i missed this at scrap therapy but i am so glad i found it here. it's beautiful, thank you for sharing it. Leax