Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bring on the holidays!

Three weeks and three days of work left to go. Three million and three things left to do before then. Arrrrgggghhhh!!

Ok, here's a quick update of where I've been, where I'm going to be over the next few weeks, and what I've been up to ... my poor neglected blog!! lol

Kelsey has been healing up really well after the dog bite -she's a trooper! She had to see an orthodontist recently too, as she has a difficult dodgy out of place tooth ... grrr. She's been doing really well, though, and I'm so proud of her. She's in the middle of scrapping a mini-album about why she loves ART - she'd probably be finished if Mummy hadn't cut her Love Elsie fabric paper the wrong way! I'll share that as soon as it's finished - it's looking pretty funky!

Kieran has been on a bivouac for Army Cadets to Somersby - he came home with feet covered with blisters, and has a throat infection, so we had to squeeze in a trip to the dr's this afternoon, on top of everything else we have to do. Bliss!

Tayla had orientation day for kindergarten last thursday, and has her second session this week - she's so excited, and coped so well! Apparently the kindy teachers are fighting over who gets to have her next year ... lol.

Dennis and I went out to dinner on saturday night ... it was my sister's work christmas party, and we had a great night. We even got a really nice picture of both of us, so that's a bonus!

So what's on for the next couple of weeks? My goodness, I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
Wednesday - Kieran's GAT presentation afternoon at school, and Kelsey's final ballet class before her concert
Thursday - Tay's gymnastics class, and Kelsey's first concert; orthodontist appt for Kelsey, and orientation session for Tayla
Friday - Second concert - we're all going to watch this one!
Saturday - Physi competition, and Kieran's cadets passing out parade - both at 11am
I'm taking the girls to see the Nutcracker ballet at the Opera House on sat. night, and Kieran has his graduation dinner as well (he's taking a GIRL ... ewwww! Tayla is most disgusted at the thought that they might kiss. lol)
Sunday - my sister's baby shower
Monday - Work, work, and more work - hopefully I'll have a chance to get some stuff organised for the upcoming thursday, which is the yr7 orientation session at work (which I'm running!!) Last cadets meeting for the year.
Tuesday - Physi disco and presentation night
Wednesday - hmmm ... actually I think it's just the usual work routine that day!
Thursday - Orientation day. I've got some "sitting and breathing" time scheduled for some point that afternoon too, hopefully.
Over the next 2 weeks leading up to christmas, we then have gymnastics presentation nights, daycare graduations and christmas parties, and lots and lots of other stuff to do, both for work and home. I'm thinking that ad where people are bidding on some time isn't looking too bad right about now!

Somehow amongst all this, though, I've been finding some time to scrap for the Scrap Therapy Scrapping with the Stars competition, and I'm totally loving the layouts I've done so far!

This one was for the latest round - the star was Charm (Charmaine Koch), and we had to use 2 pp from different manufacturers, felt or fabric, and the date and some journalling.

This one was from the Rhonna Farrer challenge - to scrap our dreams. I really like this one!

And finally, the really emotional one. This was the layout I did for the challenge set by the gorgeous Lusi Austin. I don't even really remember what the criteria was, but I know that I've never been so proud of a layout as I am of this one. There are two "flaps" to this - opening on either side of the layout to reveal a heap of journalling about my feelings and thoughts on Kelsey's time in hospital after being bitten by a dog. I really love this - every time I look at it I just get a really awesome feeling - a real sense of pride in something I've done. It's nice!

Ok, so that's as much procrastination time as I can justify tonight - off to do some work. If you haven't checked out Scrap Therapy's scrapping with the stars yet, take a look - and you can vote for me if you feel so inclined! lol
Also, if you aren't as mentally busy as me on the weekend, Little Scrapbook Shop has a cybercrop on this weekend, and it's going to be great ... check it out!
Ok, off to do some work ... take care of yourselves as this silly season kicks into gear!

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Julie said...

Wow PT sounds as if you have a busy few days ahead of you.

Loving your pages or the swts comp.