Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A quick update ...

Basically, I want to remind myself to breathe, and this is a good way! lol

So last weekend - (if you are wondering why I need to breathe, by the way, check out the schedule in my last post ... "fully hektik, as my yr10 class would say!!) It was totally awesome. Kelsey was a total star at her dancing concert on Friday night. She looked like she enjoyed ballet, but Jazz was really her thing. She wiggled, she grooved, she shimmied and shook. She totally beamed on stage, and I was so proud of her! She was so overjoyed at the flowers that Tayla had picked out for her as well, and Tay was pretty excited about that!

Up early on Saturday morning to take Kieran to cadets - he had to be there at 7am to prepare for his graduation parade. He had a fantastic time, by all accounts - I couldn't make it, as the girls had a physi comp, so we did the "split parent" thing - me and Nanna to dancing, Dad and Poppy to cadets. Kieran was one of very very few cadets to not make a mistake - what a legend!

The girls did really well at physi - you could tell Kelsey was tired from dancing the two nights beforehand, but she did her best. Tayla came first in her age group, AND won the dance award - the little groover!

Saturday night was Kieran's cadets grad dinner - he took his new girlfriend, which was a TOTAL spin out for me ... and really disappointing, too, as I wasn't there to get to see him head off for his night. The girls and I had tickets to see The Nutcracker at the Opera House, performed by the Australian Ballet, and it was totally exquisite! Tayla fell asleep halfway through the second act, but that was from sheer exhaustion, poor baby - she totally loved the ballet, as did Kelsey. We met up with some of Kelsey's ballet friends, as we'd organised tickets together as a celebration for the girls. I would so go again - totally wonderful!! The next day was my sisters baby shower - really tired, but a great day, and despite the full-on weekend, the kids managed to spend almost all day swimming in the pool. Man, I wish I had some of their energy!

So, since then - I've had a week of preparation for orientation day at work, which went really well. I've had a weekend of relaxing a little bit -not much, but just a little. And I've had another run-in with our red car. Dennis was on the way home on sunday, and it just died. After dramas getting it pushed out of the no-stopping zone it stopped in (can't it read road signs????) and trying to get it started - no luck! - we got it towed to our mechanic yesterday. Today came the bad news - it's the cam shaft, whatever that is. It's snapped. So we need a new engine. Great. Fantastic! Now where did I leave my magic wand? I'm sure I had it around here somewhere! I'm so over always being behind the 8-ball. Surely next year has to get better! Although, I'm kind of getting used to life sucking ... so, if things don't get better, at least I'm good at dealing with all this crap!

Ok, I think I've gotten some oxygen back in my lungs. Here's a layout I did last night - well, actually I started it a couple of months ago, but finished it last night! And the second one is one I did a couple of weeks ago, in about 15 minutes while waiting for Kieran to get ready for cadets - too cool!
Take care of yourselves, and take some time to breathe in this lead up to the silly season!


My Paper World said...

Wow! I think that your layouts are really beautiful! Love the colours!

TribeRingers said...

I agree with my paper world's comments. Great LOs.
All the best for a great 2008 to you.
scrapNshop from AC forum.