Monday, January 22, 2007

The long-awaited update!

I know, it's been ages, and I know that you've been stalking my blog just WAITING for the next update in the delightful insanity of my life. So, without further ado, here it is! Our school holidays in a nut shell.

We had a great christmas - the kids got some wonderful presents, and we're totally over the moon, so that's a good thing. Stayed home in the morning, and let the kids play with their presents, before heading to mum's for round two of unwrapping, and the big feast. I didn't stuff myself silly, which is highly unusual, and I really enjoyed it - with no bloated sick feelings that night, it was a definite improvement over past christmases! I got mainly gift vouchers and books, so I was one happy chappy.

We had our usual New Year's trip to Colo River, only this time we were there for almost 2 weeks, and what a big 2 weeks it was! Kelsey learnt to ride her bike with no training wheels, and almost no effort. Learning to STEER the said bike was another matter entirely, and I won't tell you how many times she came back to our van bragging about her latest stack -the most impressive was when she slowly and gracefully rode the entire length of the park, smack bang into the brick wall of the toilet block. Oh how I wish I had a video camera on it, it was SOOO cool!

Tayla went from being cautious and a little scared in the pool, to being a total superfish - or "mermaid", as she prefers to be called. She can now swim underwater, no floaties, no assistance at all, and is even diving - it's too cool for words!

Kieran went boating - we hired the tinny for a couple of hours, and he was in his element, captaining the ship up and down the river. Good practice for a military career, I guess. LOL

Home again, home again - and lots of relaxation and scrapping, a bit of housework, and many many incredulous cries about how fast the holidays have gone, and that there is no WAY that it's really only a week until my son is heading off to high school. Here are a couple of the lo's I've done in the past couple of weeks - I'm having lots of fun with it, especially when I get to scrap with total legends! Cath, Shelee, Tracey and Nicole graced me with their presence on the weekend, and our house survived the onslaught of "scrappers" (I'm counting you as a scrapper now AT - LOL)

So a funny story to leave you with - I'm totally loving this conversation, and I've just finished scrapping it, but the light is too bad to photograph it, so I'll upload the pic tomorrow.

Tayla: "Mummy, I'm not allowed to say the F word, am I?"
Mummy: "No sweety, you're not. It's not nice to say words like that."
T: Cause it's a swear word, a naughty word.
M: What's the F word? How do you know that?
T: I just know. Can I whisper it though? Softly?
M: What do you think it is?
T: It's FIB, cause lying is really naughty.
M: (PHEW!!!!) Lying's bad, isn't it sweety?
T: Yeah, when you lie you break the truth.

How cute is that? I totally love that a lie is "breaking the truth"... what a legend she is.
K, that's it for me- I promise that my next update will not be as delayed as this one was.
Cya later, everyone, and enjoy the remnants of the school holidays - I know I'll be making the most of mine!


tara said...

welcome back!

DeanneSM said...

cool update PT!

Cath said...

WOO HOO an update.. had fun at your place the other night.. got 2 layouts almost complete... that is more then the last time.

Might have to do it again when you have set up the back room.. and we have heaps of room to spread out.. lol

Tracey said...

Glad you updated PT.... and I had an awesome time too (not sure about being labelled a 'scrapper' though - hmmmmm......)