Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some good news!!

I completely forgot to announce this, in my sorrow about another family funeral, leaving Therapy DT, and all the other not-so-exciting news going on! A few weeks ago Beth asked me if I'd like to be involved in a blog she is running, focused on journalling, which is really close oto my heart. Journal-It is not a typical challenge blog - it's not about winning prizes, it's more about inspiring you to create something with some meaningful journalling. This fortnight's prompt is about Your Favourite Phrase.
"Suck it up, princess!" has become a bit of a favourite around here - firstly to the girls, but it's also been adopted by my softball team when trying to get me to run an extra base ... sigh.
I went out to dinner last night at a tepanyaki bar with some friends for a hen's nihgt, and had such a great time!! Good food, good company, good coffee and drinks afterwards, and lots of laughs. Plus, I looked pretty hot, if I do say so myself - I got a new haircut yesterday, and I'm loving it sick! I didn't get a photo, though, so hopefully Gill has one that doesn't have me with food all over my face ... I was the only one in our group to drop the rice when it was thrown at me! lol
K, off to do some housework - nothing has been done around here for a while, because we've had heaps of sick people. Not me, touch wood, but I'm expecting it to hit me soon! Take care, and give the people you love a big hug!!


Bec said...

Well done PT on working with Beth on Journal It.
I'm glad Beth has got it back up and running.
See you over there!!

byclops said...

Guess a Guest DTer over at Journal It - yay!!! LOVE your choice of phrase, it's a favorite amongst our group of friends too!!!

Tara said...


mandysea said...

Great news on your new Blog DT !! Cool - right up your alley bloss!

Love you suck it up LO - thats awesome!!!!


Tracey said...

Hey babe - I'm BACK!
Loving your new look (you could have had it for ages I know - I've been terribly slack)
Glad to hear of some good news in your life - hopefully we can catch up for a cuppa and some stamping some time soon
Love ya
Trace xxx

mandysea said...

LOL PT - I've mentioned your 'substantial journaling' on my blog! I'm still giggling!

Looking forward to an UPDATE here hint hint!!! (I've had to post twice in the same comments section) hint hint more.....

Julie said...

Hey there Missy PT thanks for popping into Lets get shabby and your well wishes too.

Congrats on the Journal it spot.