Friday, February 06, 2009

A new profile pic!

For all of you who were wondering how the hair is growing back - check it out! I have hair again. It's seriously so much cooler - I don't know how I coped in summer with that much hair before! I'm loving it (even if I do look like a toilet brush ... don't you just love my DH!! LOL)

So, back at school. The girls are just loving their teachers and their classes. I'm loving my classes, but not so much my classroom - I had to move at the end of last year, and my new room isn't airconditioned. Most of our school isn't actually, so I guess I was lucky that I had aircon in my old room. I'm more missing my mural than the aircon though - 2 years ago my classes, who new how happy I was to finally have my own classroom, painted the back room of the wall for me, and I miss looking at it every morning. It made me happy. A big bright rainbow. Some very funky butterflies. Sunshine on one side of the rainbow, and storm clouds on the other. And beautiful fish and sea creatures swimming along the bottom of the wall. Sigh ... I miss my wall!

Not much more to report on at the moment - it's hot here, I'm sweltering, and sooo not looking forward to playing softball tomorrow!! It's wrong, it's just wrong. Thank goodness for air conditioning! Oh yeah - do you feel like scrapping tonight? Cybercropping at Scrap Therapy - it's OSCAR'S month!! Come along and check out the challenges and chat - bingo is on tonight! I'll be back to share some scrapping soon - I've been doing heaps, but I can't share them, as most of them are DT layouts. Take care!!


alexis said...

Hi Tamara
You look very lovely with your new hair.
Looking forward to seeing some more of your work.

smauge said...

I can't believe how quick your hair is groing back!

Crafted Customisations said...

Hey just wondering what happened with your hair? Did you do shave for a cure? My sister did that once too. You had such long, thick hair before. It must feel so weird!! I don't write much on my blog. I try to keep it just to my business. I enjoy reading yours though. Your a very deep person. I'll keep coming back to your blog to stay up to date with what's happening with you.