Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll whinge if I want to!!

OMG ... what kind of person subjects themselves to pain on their birthday? This kind, apparently! It was my birthday yesterday, by the way, just in case you were wondering ... happy birthday to me! lol
So, the pain - well, we had Karate. I would normally have skipped it - I'm all for a good excuse not to go to training. But Kelsey was grading. And she ROCKED!!!! She's now an orange belt with white stripe. Go you little ninja you! So since I was there, I stayed for the adults class ... they knew I was around, it was a bit hard to sneak out. OMG ... OMG ... OOOOO MMMMM GGGGGG. Who knew that there were so many kinds of push-ups? We did normal pushups. We did scorpion pushups. We did some wierd kind of yoga-like prayer pushups (I tell you, I was praying during them ... ouch!) We did the specially patented, Kumiai-Ryu, "I'm a sadistic bastard and want to inflict as much pain as is humanly possible in a 60 minute period" pushups. And do I hurt today? Yes I do. Will I hurt tomorrow? You bet your sore little butt-muscles I will! But am I proud of myself? Abso-friggin-lotuley! I kicked all my tension from work out. I did some serious kicks that I've NEVER been able to do before. And, this overweight and unfit 34 year old held her own with teenagers and black belts. Go me!!

Hmmm ... what else? Well, it's time for a message from our sponsors ... lol. Who loves scrapping? Who loves Kaiser? Well, if the answer is you, my friend, then get yourself to ScrapTherapy, where this month's MAN of the month is Kaisercraft! Such nice new ranges in - you'll love them! Plus, the beautiful new Clear albums - I can't wait to play with these! Everything is super-cheap - some of the ranges this month are reduced more than Lee-anne's usual generous 20%!

This is my favourite otp of the moment - our "Christmas wishes" hanger! Kaiser papers and bauble album - cute huh? The back of the decos have a piece of clear plastic on them, so we can write our christmas wishes, and then they can be wiped off and used again for next year. I really like this!

A layout for the Therapy monthly challenge - to scrap a layout using one of a few great christmas quotes. I love this one, it's one of my faves, and this pic from last year of my kids plus our cousin Phoenix is so nice.
This album, a Kaiser one, is part of the girls' christmas present. It's got Veronica's lyrics, pics, and concert tickets. They are just going to go nuts - they think the concert is WAAAY too expensive. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces!
K, I'd better go - I've got so many teacher presents to make, and so little time. This is the problem with making something really awesome one year - they all begin to expect it when you've established a precedent! That'll teach me ... lol.


smauge said...

Happy birthday baldy!

mandysea said...

hey you!! How did I manage to miss your birthday!
Happy happy birthday PT!!
LOL at your karate class! Hope you arent to sore today!

Andrea E said...

Happy belated birthday from a fellow Saggitarian! (17th is mine, I think yours must be 16th??) Hope you get over your soreness quickly!! You should be so proud of yourself. Andrea :)

SkyeMJ said...

Oh happy Birthday Tamara!

Can't say I'm a Veronicas fan, but would love to be a fly onthe wall when that album is opened :) Great idea!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara,
Happy Birthday.
I have my photos up on my web page of the christmas cards from your class last month. I haven't had a chance up load them in the albums

Jane Smith said...

You go girl...I would love to get into some type of martial arts and fitness but I put off by the go (very funny post). X

Crafted Customisations said...

Hehe!! Your funny! I know this is a bit late but hope you had a good birthday! Hope you come back to older posts to see my message!