Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas wishes

What are yours? Mine are simple this year - and things just aren't going to cut it. My Nan is ill - she's been diagnosed with cancer, pretty much everywhere. She has it in about 5 different organs, as well as throughout her bones, and swelling at a fracture on her spine threatening to press on nerves. They are starting treatment on the spot on her spine to try and stop the possibility or paraplegia, and are talking about chemo as a palliative care move. After losing Pa earlier in the year, she is ready to be with him again, and is coping pretty well with the dr's assessment that she has months, not years.

So our christmas wish - that her new meds help her cope with the enormous amount of pain she's in over the christmas period, so she can enjoy the time we'll have with her family ... all our family from pretty much all over the country are flying in for christmas, which is going to be awesome. That when she goes, it's with dignity. She's a lady, my Nan, and the thought of her hanging on and losing her dignity, needing people to wash her, and feed her, and having machines keep her alive, is really far more painful a thought than that of losing her. So we're praying for a wonderful, blessed, and peaceful end to an awesome life.

So, after that depressing start to a christmas post ... who's ready for santa? Not this little black duck! I've battled the Plaza three days in the past week (anyone who's been to Penrith around Christmas knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about!!) and I've had amazing luck - driven pretty much straight into a parking spot! That, dear readers, is where the luck ended though. I've wandered around aimlessly, not able to find anything that really takes my fancy. I had a run-in with one manager from a store which will remain nameless, but then was saved by another - God Bless Glenn, who saved my bacon with my DS-loving 6 year old who is desperate for a blue one off Santa! I've got to say though, she's missing out from Santa ... I decided this year I don't want some random fat guy in a red suit getting the credit for the kick-arse presents I've been slaving over, so the really good ones are coming from me and Dennis!! So that's been my dilemma, actually ... coming up with a present that looks substantial enough to be a Santa gift, but isn't going to break the bank - we didn't want to spend too much this year, and I'm trying my hardest to stick to that! We eventually found some great gifts, but there are still little bits and pieces to be sourced. My kingdom for a decent junk shop!! And I'm battling that age-old issue ... what to get our next door neighbours who I KNOW have been baking yet again, to give us a special hand-made christmas gift. Is a large box of Cadbury's Favourites a suitable enough gift in return for hours slaving over a hot stove? Probably not, but that's as good as it's going to get!! lol

I whipped this up last night. How cool are these colours! I stumbled across these papers in a LSS, that used to be a fabric store. It has the best collection of scrapping and habby stuff, omg ... I was in heaven! And a gorgeous wooden book shaped box. I've been dropping hints, but I think I'm going to have to go and buy it myself for christmas! This is Pink Paislee Vintage moon paper - the owl and branch are cut from another sheet from the range. It's officially my first non-square layout! Those of you who know me know how stressed I would be getting at the thought of how this is going to look in my album .... but I've solved that dilemma, it just needs to go back to back with a layout done on Kraft cardstock, and has no brads or stitching, etc, peeking through the back around the edges! lol Yes, I'm anal. I keep looking at this layout and thinking it needs something else, but it took less than 15 minutes, and I love the colours in the pp - every time I add something else I keep taking it off again! So it's going to stay like this. How hot are we? ROFL.

This one uses some beautiful Basic Grey papers and alphas, and Melissa Frances and Fancy Pants trims. I love how the colours of the paper match the colours in the water!

This one is from a little while ago, but it caught my eye again while I was adding pics, so I thought I'd share it too ... how big is my Kelsey girl getting? Sigh ... it makes me proud and sad all at the same time.

K, off to tell Kieran, aged 14 and waaaay too cool for his own good, that he's coming to get a Santa photo taken today. Wish me luck! PMSL.


mandysea said...

Fabulous work PT!

Love your Water Symphony lo!!!

rebelliouskiwi said...

I hope your Christmas is everything you want it to be PT & have a wonderful memory to add to the pile with your Nan.

Oh the blue DS! Do u mean the dark blue one? Im trying to get hubby one of them & I can't flipping find it lol. I've found it, but not at the places I want to find it at (places that have better deals lol). So sounds like I shouldn't go to Penrith for it lol.

Merry Christmas if I don't see you before then! Best wishes to you & your family!

Zarna said...

Your santa dilemma's are the exact reason that we started out simple with santa... I don't want some fictional character getting all the credit for what my husband goes to work everyday to earn money for!
Last year santa brought a rattle, this year santa will be bringing 2 little board books and we have decided the book tradition will continue. Santa will bring 2 books per child every year, Mum & Dad will work hard to pay for the great big presents, and get the thanks to match!

Miriam Thomas said...

Love your layouts. My thoughts are with your Nan and family!

Wirg's Creative World said...

Hey PT,
just popped in to say hello. Eeek the Christmas dilema, I hear you on that, glad you got it sorted and glad it's over again for another year.
Sorry to read about your Grandma. I do know what you are feeling and going through. My Nana left us a few days after Christmas. She knew it was time coz she told us Grandad had come to visit her the week before and he's been gone around 20 odd years now. Nan would have been 99 on the 18th! Glad they are making your Nana comfy, nothing worse to see loved ones suffering. Take care,
Wirgie x x