Friday, June 06, 2008

One week on

It's been one week of a world without Reg, and as he would have wanted, things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. The kids are fighting with each other again, with intermittent moments of clinging to each other for emotional support. Work, school, housework (well, if the truth be told, not too much housework - as I said, things are getting back to normal! lol).

It's been a pretty productive week at work, considering I missed 2 days of it. I've organised an excursion at the last minute to take my Advanced English class to a Bells Shakespeare performance at another school. I ran a lesson this afternoon with the head teacher, deputy principal and principal as special guests - my year 7 class put on a meal of freeze dried survival style camping food, and had a great time testing out all the food, and inflicting the strawberry icecream dessert onto the guests. It was a lot of fun, but man, I'm exhausted! lol

This weekend is a long weekend here ... I'll be catching up on some of the aforementioned housework (never fear - we won't get to display home tidy, I'm just aiming for non-post-psychlone tidy. I can live in hope!) I have reports to write. Eeeep! I have books to mark. And, at some point this weekend, I would like to get some scrapping done.

There is a CC on this weekend at ScrapTherapy - it's BLING month, and the challenges are all up now, all sparkly and pretty, so hop on over to the forums and check it out! This is my sample layout for my sketch challenge ... omg, you really need to go and check out my sketch, it's the funniest thing you've ever seen. Well, ok, maybe not as funny as 5 second films on YouTube (which you REALLY need to check out if you haven't seen them!) but it tickled my fancy this afternoon and had me in stitches. Hmmm.

Ok, that's about it from me ... have a great weekend, especially those of you who get to have an extra day off!


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Hi Tamara,
Just read your previous posts about Reg. You write so elequantly, considering how heartbroken you must be. My thoughts are with you all and I hope the pain becomes more bearable as time moves on.


Lana Harvey said...

I’ve just tagged you!! Check out the rules on my blog…..