Friday, February 22, 2008

A little bit of news, and a whole lot of stuff!!

Wow, it's been a busy month! The first exciting thing to happen since my last post was that Tayla, who has been hanging to start school for a year now, actually got to go. Woo hoo! No tears (not even from me!) she was just in such a rush to go that we had to force her to stop and give us a kiss before she bolted up the steps! She's super excited, too, as she's in a K-1 composite class, and has the same teacher that Kelsey had in Kindy. She's doing so well - not that we are surprised! Here she is pushing past everyone to get up the stairs - just a little bit heart breaking actually.

So what else has been happening? Hmmm ... lots! Dennis was offered not one job, but two! That was pretty cool ... so he picked one, and on Sunday he's flying to Melbourne for training, before he returns home to take over as store manager of his very own store. It's a big step up for him, and he's soooo ready for it - I'm really proud of him, and very excited for him!! Love you, babe!
It's been exciting for me on the scrapping front - lots of scrapping going on, lots of great layouts that I totally LOVE, and some super-exciting news. First, a layout share though. This first one is from the LSBS cybercrop, and was done using one of Cath's totally awesome sketches - I've been doing a lot of bright stuff lately, and I just love this! MME paper. Noice!!
The next couple are Scrap Therapy layouts - the first for the cybercrop, and the second for Scrapping with the Stars, which has just wrapped up over there. Congrats to everyone managed to complete all ten rounds, you rock!
The other cool news from Therapy is .... oh yes. I'm doing a cool series of technique step-by-steps using chalks! Check them out in the forums HERE if you want to see how totally talented I am! (Man, I really need to work on this self-esteem issue I have, don't I?? lol) I'm sure there was something else. What was it?????? Ah, that's right. I'm now the newest member of the Scrap Therapy DT - I'm a Design Therapist! How awesome is that? I'm so excited, and really grateful to Nat for the opportunity to work with some super-cool DT people over there. I'll be teaching a class on Friday 29th, to kick off a weekend of awesome step-by-steps, so make sure you check them out!

Ok, that's it for me ... I'm off to clean up my table so I can get some scrapping done. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Julie said...

Great stuff PT. Congrats on becoming a Therapist. I'm so looking forward to working with you.