Wednesday, May 16, 2007

KIDS - who'd have 'em??

GRRR ... what a day! Firstly, I was supposed to be at a behavioural management seminar for work- yay! The only problem was, I was told the wrong starting time, and the wrong section of the venue - so, when we sorted out where I was supposed to be, I was over an hour late.
About an hour or so into it, and I got a phone call, which I ignored, as it was from a number I didn't recognise - then another, then another, all from different numbers though. Finally, one of the staff members came in looking for "Tamara Rodgers - there's a phone call for you." It was from Kieran's high school, just telling me that he was involved in an incident and was injured, and they needed someone to pick him up. It turns out that another student had taken exception when Kieran reached for a pencil, and smashed him into a window sill. Kieran had a pen in his hand, and during the struggle the other child got scratched with the pen, so now Kieran is in trouble for that, even though he was trying to protect himself, and now has major strained muscles in his neck, and what likes like a developing black eye. Double GRRR! I just want to keep him home and teach him myself - I think it makes it harder because I work in a high school, so I know what they can be like. Dammit, I just want to protect him from all this crap, but at the same time I just know that I can't!

Ok, that's it - just a little vent. I'll return you to your scheduled programming!! LOL If you are up for some scrapping this weekend, LSBS is having their 2nd birthday Cybercrop this weekend - check it out!!
I'll catch you all later - hopefully with better news next time!!


Tara said...

Oh dear, this is NOT good...I hope next time is a much happier post too.

helenj said...

Poor Kieren.....its so hard when its your own kids hey?
hope you are ok too chookie