Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bah humbug

'Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, and all that.

So it's officially December, and try as I might, I'm having real trouble getting into the christmas spirit. Why is that? I don't know, but when you figure it out, please let me know! Our lights are up, and working, except for the one set that Tayla dropped the transformer to, and it's now kaput. The tree is up, but not fully decorated, as there are some decorations missing - don't know where they are, but there are quite a few MIA, including the christmas countdown sign that I made last year. Everything else is replacable, but the sign has got me a bit upset, and I just can't seem to shake it. The only place we can think of that they might concievably be is in the ceiling of our old house - which now sits empty, having been sold by our previous landlords, so we don't know how we'd go about checking if they are still there or not.

On the plus side, there are only 3 weeks of school left - which means, dear readers, only 3 weeks until I'm on holidays, and can try and catch up on some of the massive amounts of housework that sit here waiting for me every day. I can't wait to spend some time scrapping and getting myself organised - I'm planning at least one day of nothing but scrapping every week of the hols, I feel like I'm going into withdrawals! I have done a couple of lo's lately that I really like though -
This one was from a challenge by a couple of friends. Lorraine challenged me on ScrapbookingTop50 to do a lo containing lots of ribbon, black and white, and an oversized monogram. Not long before that, Nicole had sent me a pic of a lo from the Maya Road newsletter (I think!) challenging me to scraplift it. This is the result! Lots of lovely ribbon from the LittleScrapbookShop stand at Papercrafts in Penrith. It's too noice!

This next one is the one that blogger hasn't been liking for ages - it's my last Chookscraps survivor one (yep, the lo that got me sent to Exile Island!) I still love it though - it's such a cute pic of Kieran, one of my "let's try and stop him growing up a bit by scrapping every single picture of him as a little boy" efforts.

Oh, I forgot the truly exciting news for the day - the girls had their end of year physi competition, and did SO well! I'm so proud of them both - they looked gorgeous. Tayla came second in her age group, and was unlucky (says the totally unbiased mother) to not get the dancing award. Kelsey came 7th, and was just lovely - you can really see the impact of ballet in some of her routines, it's so nice to watch.

So that's it from me today - off to feel a bit more sorry for myself, and try and get this house looking like someone other than a family of careless squatters inhabit it.
Take care, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Oh PT I so understand about not being able to find something, especially after a move. My brother moved into a house once, went to put insulation in the ceiing and found hundreds and hundreds of novels in boxes. It was like a book lovers dream. Neither of the two previous owners knew anything about them so he got to keep them. Hope your chrissy spririt finds you soon, mine has been and now has gone on holidays.

fleurie said...

great layouts tamara

Just Jini's said...

Opps thats me as anonymous, I forgot to log in.

Melody said...

PT, just dropped in for a quick squiz at your blog, its late and I should be in bed but alas I'm not.... I read the first few lines of your last entry and wanted to suggest that you maybe able to contact the real estate that the house was sold through, or if it was a private sale maybe you could find the owners address through the council to contact them that way, you might not get your count down for this christmas but it would be nice to get it back I'm sure. GOOD LUCK. well thats all I read about before posting this comment so the only other thing I can add is that your layouts look fantastic, as usual. Merry Christmas from Melody

Scrapmanda said...

Hope you find your Christmas spirit soon PT! I loved your comment on my blog about the "PT" - I think of you too when I write it!