Thursday, June 25, 2009

To get Mandy off my back ...

it's time for an update. It's going to be a quick one!

What's been going on lately?

  • P!nk concert ... omg. omg. O M G. It was amazing. Awesome. Loved it loved it loved it!!

  • Work. Busy .... total understatement!! Parent teacher interviews. Subject information session, which was awesome, but full on. Reports, which had to be completely redone ... argggh. Oh yes, and I've been teaching sometimes too ... what a novel idea!

  • Sad news. We're getting our heads around it, but those of you who know what's going on will know the depth of my sorrow right now.
  • Kids stuff ... Kieran has cadets stuff left right and centre, Kelsey has Karate grading coming up soon, and Tayla has her state trial gymnastic competition in a couple of weeks, so has been having extra classes, and loving them to bits.
  • Scrapping ... I've been doing not a huge amount, but really enjoying the freedom of it! The journal-it challenges are great, and no pressure at all. I've been doing an Idol comp at Chook Scraps which is fun.

Is that better Mandy? In your honour, you lovable nag, here's a layout ... from the last round of Idol, and looking decidedly shabby. Speaking of which - check out my new pic in the sidebar over there, which you can click on to go straight to the new Let's Get Shabby blog, which has it's first fab challenge up!! (You can click on the pic, as always, if you want to read the journalling.)

K, I'm off to bed .... have fun people!!


Julie said...

Yeah Missy PT you updated. Just love the layout for the idol comp and yes defiantely looking a little bit shabby there.

Bec said...

Gorgeous PT!!
LOL Mandy will be happy you updated!! ;o)

mandysea said...

Ooooh AT LAST Miss Princess!!!
You are an extraordinary person dealing with the things going on in your life ((((hugs))))

I love your LO - have you linked it to Shabby yet?

Its sooooooo gorgeous!!