Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is a community service announcement.

Today be'eth a day of immense significance. Hirrah to Sir William Shakespeare, who would be aged 445 years today, if his life had not been arrested by the ravages of death. It has been proclaimed throughout the land that thou shalt speaketh like this noble gentleman today, and I entreat you to't!

For some Othello goodness, checketh this out. It maketh me happy in my heart. So, methinks thou canker-blossoms should'st speak out, loud and proud. Ellocute thyselves in a manner befitting a man who scribed more about sex and incest than any playwright of modern times would dare do. Methinks there is a double meaning in that!! (laugh-out-loudeth).

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mandysea said...

Hey Missy when are you gonna update your blog!!!

Just popped in to say that I ADORED meeting you at retreat! You are a TREASURE!!

I wanna see those layouts you created up on this blog soon!!!