Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho ...

It's off to work we go! It's been full on at work for the past couple of weeks, and will be the same, I think, for the next couple. Bring on Good Friday, I say! School holidays. Sleeping in. Catching up with family. Much needed scrapping time with friends. And just chilling ... how wonderful!!

I actually had a total chill-out day yesterday ... we had people over for dinner on Saturday night, so flogged our guts out getting the house looking presentable. It was a really nice night. But the best part for me was waking up on Sunday morning and knowing that there was NO housework to do. Nothing at all. Zip. Nada. Zilch. So, our plans to go to the river for lunch went out the window. We stayed home. Me in my pj's all day (you reeeeallly needed to know that, didn't you?) The kids played. We did not much of anything. I read a book. Dennis watched sports on TV. And it was BLISS.... totally wonderful, and just what we all needed after the past few months.
I even did a bit of scrapping on Sunday night, which was nice!

So some of what has happened over the past couple of weeks ... the funeral was last friday. The day started with a major drama ... Tayla had a scarf that Nan had knitted her, and Kelsey wanted hers as well. Only problem was, Daddy couldn't find it. Frantic phonecalls to mummy at work ensued. I came rushing home and searched high and low ... yes, we found it, thank goodness. My wonderful awesome beautiful cousins from Perth arrived, and there were hugs and tears all round. My brothers arrived from QLD ... more hugs. We headed to the funeral, and met more family, who we only seem to catch up with at funerals ... we need to do something about that, I think! A lot of people didn't recognise me to start with, I don't think - they aren't used to seeing me without long hair! After Lorraine and I did our eulogy, though, there were more smiles of recognition ... well, smiles through the tears, at least. I was really proud of what we put together to remember Nan's life, I think it was pretty moving (if I do say so myself!!)

The priest who did the service was so cute - old, irish, a bit dottery, and slightly eccentric I think. Said Nan's name wrong. Was convinced that she was Irish too, to the consternation of my aunty. I had to laugh ... is that wrong? Ah well, I know Nan would have liked the Hail Mary he said in Gaelic, whether she was Irish or not!!

After the funeral, we joined the throng heading back to mum's place. You haven't seen a wake done like my family do. Or really, any gathering where people need to be fed. It's really amazing - like a military operation, only with icing sugar and cream. Unbelievable!! Fairy cakes. Date loaf - a total throwback to family get-togethers in my childhood. Scones. Jam slices. Pikelets ... not store-brought ones. Not packet shake and bake mix ones. Pikelets full of air, and an aunty's love. Heaven!! Mushroom cakes, which were secreted in the kitchen, and doled out to special people with the air of a clandestine drug deal. They certainly had everyone on a high! They were the highlights ... I'm so bummed that I didn't think to get a photo of the food table.

I was too busy catching up with the McDiarmid/Ryan Clan. Love these people so much, I can't even tell you. It was a wonderful amazing awesome afternoon, and I know that Nan and Pa had staked out a good possy up there, watching, laughing along with us all, shaking their heads in embarrassment when we told some of the stories about her she wanted to keep secret (we kept them out of the eulogy Nan, but how could I resist the bribery of a mushroom cake for a secret story?????)

Saturday, after spending some time with the WA clan, my sister and I had to play softball. It was our grandfinal. And, can I just say, with all due modesty and decorum, we so totally rocked. Extreme in our awesomeness, we were. In our division, there were three other teams. Two of them we beat comprehensively every time we played. The other team, though, which is from the same club as us, always gave us a run for our money. They had only beaten us once before the final series (and that was a game I didn't play ... does that tell you something??? ROFL). The first semi-final we played them to go straight into the grand final, and they beat us. Only just, and one of our team members ended up in hospital with a broken wrist. So, we had to play the next week to get another chance to get into the GF, and play them again. Which we did. And, as I think I mentioned before, we TOTALLY rocked. 15-0. Us 15, them 0, in case you are under any illusions as to how totally fantastic my team is. It was the best fun ... and even more wonderful because I know just how proud Nan would have been of us (now that she's finally gotten over her horror that I started playing team sports at the age of 32 ... "aren't you too old for that now Tamara?") My sis and I had the biggest cheer squad there - three car loads of rowdy relatives. So glad we won, they never would have let us forget it if we didn't!!
Oh, and for the record ... as vain as I am often accused of being, I could probably be forced to admit that I am perhaps NOT the secret to our teams' success. In fact, Belinda and I are first to admit that we are probably just the window dressing on our awesomely talented team, all of whom can hit, throw, and catch like I only dream of. I'm soooo amazed that by the end of the season, I was swinging and hitting almost as often as I was missing ... woo hoo!!

My girls stayed at my sister's place that night, and headed out to the club to celebrate for us, while I headed to Castlereagh Academy. It was time for Scrapgirls Cropfest, which has started on Thursday night ... so I had a lot to catch up on! It was really just wonderful to see the beautiful Tracy, Kylie, Nic, Sharon, Cath, Ali, Lorraine, Sue, Rae, Anne ... have I forgotten anyone? OMG ... yes! Belinda! Fellow rocking softballer, and all-round awesome scrapper. She also is a fairly mean cook, and fed us so well over the weekend. Luv ya B!! I created a few layouts, but it was just wonderful really to have a bit of time just for me. No family commitments. No work to think about. (well, yes there was, but I was in denial). Just me. Loved that ... need to do it more often.

Wow, that's a seriously long post, huh? So, here's a few scrapping things to check out.

This one is the beautiful little Bella-Rai. What a cutie, huh? And the mini-album is made from totally from Bella products, as part of a DT challenge for Scrap Therapy.

I have another layout to share soon, which is really special to me - the photo I shared last post of Nan and Pa sharing a smooch, using some of the most beautiful Melissa Frances papers. I have so many of these papers now, after winning a RAK recently with a heap more of them, so I'm going to do a RAK myself next post with some of these ... keep an eye out for that!

K, off to eat some Bega cheese chips. Yummo! Take care, and hugs to you and yours.


Ceci said...
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Ceci said...

PT that sounds like the sort of funeral that anyone wish for their own funeral, with all her loved ones there, and I am sure she would have liked the gaelic Hail Mary!

mandysea said...

Soooo glad that your lovely nan's funeral went well for you all. Loving those LO's gf! Specially the colours! Pretty as!

Crafted Customisations said...

I've only read your blog a few times now but I just love it! I love reading your posts! I'm so glad things went well with the funeral and especially happy for you that you've had some fun times for yourself with softball and scrapbooking. Hope to catch up with you in the school holidays!! :)