Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inconsistently yours ...

Yep, it's been ages again. Are you surprised? Me either. I logged in today to discover that there were about half a dozen posts I'd started over the past year, but didn't get around to finishing them - so I deleted them. Moving on. So, it's 2012!! Did you have a great Christmas? I did - so relaxed. Christmas eve was spent with some wonderful friends who have become very important to us. Christmas day we went to Mum's place, with all our family around, and it was very laid back - just the way I like it. Boxing day Dennis and I spent at home by ourselves, as the kids visited family (woo hoo!!) And then we started packing. Our usual 2 weeks at Colo over new years seemed even better this year ... partly because I had Dennis there pretty much the whole time, and partly because we decided to just take advantage of the time to relax, and take the opportunity to spend with our wonderful kids. Plus, as always, there are friends and family there - with some new friends this year!! Some highlights for mw .... jet-skiing, which we all loved. Kayaking, which Tayla took to like some kind of waterbird to, well, water. Some of the best books I've read in a long time (partly because I haven't had a chance to read ANYTHING in a long time!) And the realisation that, yes, all the hard work I've done on myself in the past year or so has paid off. I'm happy in my skin, and I'm happy in my head. I think taking this time out gave me the chance to reflect on it, which I haven't had time to do over the past very hectic 12 months. This time last year I was in the middle of some serious work with my psychologist. It was tough. I didn't want to go back for another appointment, but I knew I had to, or I'd just be living in the same kind of trauma I had been for years - coping, but kidding myself that everything was ok. So I went back, again and again, until it DID get easier. I'm so proud of what I've accomplished, both for myself, and for my family. We rock, collectively, and I adore who we are, and I don't think that would be so easy for me to say without the work I've done, and in some ways am still doing, on myself, and how I feel about who I am. So, that's how I'm starting this year. No resolutions, because they don't often stick.... just some reflections, and lots of gratitude. How about you? What are you doing to kick off this new year? A couple of pictures to finish off - the first, my beautiful family, as we got ready to take Kelsey to her year 6 farewell. Yes, she's heading off to high school this year. No, I'm not nearly ready for that!!
How grown up does she look? And no-one is allowed to mention how tall Kieran is either - sheesh. Who told these kids they were allowed to get so tall on me? The last picture I'll leave you with broke my heart. It was a quick snap of my gorgeous girl, who looked at in the camera screen and said "Wow, I'm pretty", with a tone of total shock in her voice. Yes, yes you are my princess ... but you are SOOOO much more than that.
Every time I look at this pic now (which is often!!) I get a little tear - how can she not know she's beautiful? I keep reminding her now - but also, that she's soooo much more than just a gorgeous exterior! She's sweet, and generous, and quirky, and dedicated .... one of the most amazing people I know, and I'm so proud to call her mine. No promises about what may or may not appear on here in the coming weeks or months - I might post some of the scrapping the girls and I have done in the next couple of weeks. I might not post until next January again!! We'll see. Take care of you and yours!! Love, Tamara


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