Saturday, February 26, 2011

New addictions ...

Twitter. Yammer. Polyvore. Ecaudor Dark Chocolate Magnums. Yep, it's been a great couple of weeks!!

Not a lot of scrapping going on, but I'm becoming rapidly addicted to the creative possibilities of Polyvore .... and I'm seriously developing a shoe fetish!!

In other news ... work, work, work. Loving it, but it's taking up a lot of time, which means that some things are having to go! Thankfully, the things that are giving way are non-essentials - you know, housework. That kind of thing.

Oh, and if you have been stalking this blog waiting (IM)patiently for an update since my last post, I'm terribly sorry .... I'm not a good blogger, am I? lol

I have been doing some scrapping over the past month or so - mostly at the Scrapgirls mother daughter retreat, which was a blast. My gorgeous girls and I had a ball, and they both won prizes, the clever little things! Also had a wonderful day scrapping with Shelee and AT .... belated thanks for a lovely day, ladies!

K, I'm off to wrap birthday presents - Bella's third birthday party tomorrow, with a special guest appearance from Dora the Explorer - pop back soon, I may surprise you with another post, and some photos!!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Hiya PT!
How nice to read your happenings!
Glad that you still post every now and then!
Rache x

Ben said...

Hi Tamara,
Last time we spoke was in the dorm of a certain guy at Campus East, I left the room so he could sign some important paperwork for you. I wish I had the brains to walk away, but instead now all these years later he is taking me through court and telling great lies about his relationship with you. I beg of you to contact me either way, even if it is just to say no. But your word to back mine of his character would go a long way. Please consider it for my kids. I only know how you felt towards him last time we spoke. They send there hello's and would love to chat with Kerryn if he's interested. Sorry to write this way I just couldn't find an email address. Please be in touch. Kim

Anonymous said...

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