Sunday, August 02, 2009

Oh my gosh, the pressure!!!!!

From work, home, kids, Mandy .... I tell you .... it's everywhere!! lol

The past couple of weeks have been a nightmare, work-wise. Lots and lots of stuff to do. We've had program review on, so all our programs have to be handed in - and since we've overhauled what we are teaching, and there are new texts this year for the HSC, we've had a massive amount to do. Thankfully friday was D-day - almost all of them are done, and handed in. Just one more Richard 3 one sitting open on my laptop as I type, waiting for the finishing touches.

ALmost no scrapping done over the past few weeks, as I've been too busy with school stuff, and dashing backwards and forwards to the hospital to spend some time with Shelley. We had a fab day today with Bella, my little niece, coming over to play ... thank goodness I hadn't vacuumed before she came, as she thought it was hysterical to use the chip bowl as a hat. It was rather cute - only problem was it still had chip crumbs in it!!

I did get to scrap this last night though - for Chooks Idol comp, which I'm loving. It was also chosen as layout of the day over there ... made me happy in my heart!! The challenge was to use fabric and flowers, and a mixed alpha title. Oh yeah ... it needed to be monochromatic!! Can you figure out what colour I decided to go with?? lol
This other one, very UN-monochromatic, was for a CC challenge a couple of weeks ago. And, I just realised that these pics of Tayla must have been taken around the same time - she's wearing the same shirt. Not that that is a big surprise though - she LOVED it, and would wear it every day if I let her. We used to have to hide it if it needed to be washed.
I'm going on LSBS retreat next weekend ... I can't wait!! So, Mandy, if you give me a bit of time to get home from that, and I'll have another update for you, I promise! Maybe even a Shabby layout, if you are lucky.
Ok, off to finish grappling with Richard and Pacino. Night all!


Julie said...

Hey there Missy PT. Love the piages here and Missy A used to have one of those kitty tops too. Those were the days when she would wear a long sleeve one.
Glad to see you updating andwould love to see a shabby creation from you my girl. so now you have two of us on your

mandysea said...

ha ha!!! Love these gorgeous LO's!! I'd almost given up on your updates!!! You are always always an amazing read!!!!

I wanna see a shabby too!!!