Sunday, April 20, 2008


Check this out regularly.
Especially Tiny Art 35. "I am bulletproof because I have to be".
And Tiny Art 31. I'm going to try to embrace my wobbly bits (metaphorically speaking of course).
Thanks Alison Shearer for sharing the link to this blog - love the art, it's just so inspiring!

So ... an intellectual rant. I hate 1984. Sorry, Aldous Huxley, you've utterly failed to grab me. And the rantings of your army of zealots, proclaiming your genius and wisdom, and insisting that it is a work of genius, have failed to sway me. I'm supposed to teach this to a class? Heaven help me. I seriously need to reconsider my options. What I REALLY need is a time machine to return me to a point in the not too distant past when the Board of Studies was meeting to set the new NSW HSC Text Prescriptions, and stop them from adding Brave New World into the Extension course ... then I'd be free to teach it this year to my year 11 class. What do you think my chances are of that happening before school goes back in 8 days time ... slim?? Ah well ... it's either 1984 or Animal Farm. Or, if anyone has any brilliant ideas of a novel to teach in a comparative unit with AI (Speilberg film) or in fact, with any film in a comparative unit, I'd be only too pleased to hear about it. I'm desperate!! I can't convince myself that the interminably boring passages of Winston reading "The Book" are worth ploughing through - how do I even attempt to convince a group of cynical smart 16 and 17 year olds that they should? Oh, the pain! Oh, the drama!

K, I'm going to bed now to dream of an agonizing and painful world ... of Big Brother and lack of freedom, and being 8 days away from excruciating drudgery. Oh wait, that's not a dream - that's going back to work and having to teach 1984. Can you believe Big Brother is about to come back on, by the way? The first housemate was revealed during dance tonight ... ugggh is all I have to say about that. Ugggh.


Zarna said...

An english teacher that admits that 1984 is the most boring book ever written!
If my english teacher had been able to admit that I may have been able to stomach finishing my HSC!

jilly said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I don't know any 16-17yo that could possibly be expected to sit through learning about 1984 - what a drudge!!!
(((hugs))) to you for even considering teaching it! Blah!

Cyanhence said...

You could try teaching B.F. Skinner's "Walden Two" alongside AI. Walden Two is about a future utopia built on Skinner's version of behaviorism. It might spark a bit more discussion than BNW as it is written in a pretty simple style.

Sydney said...

haha - I hated Animal Farm at school too! Good luck with that one lol.

Giovanna Scott said...

me too. hated teaching Brave New World - found it on tape (yep, not CD - lol) and was equally excruciating!!! I opted to watch "Gattaca" with the novel. Eased the pain a little.

Good luck PT!!